SEAS Excel W18NX-001 (E0042) Nextel Cone 7" Woofer

SEAS Excel W18NX-001 (E0042) Nextel Cone 7" Woofer
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Manufacturer: Seas Excel
Product ID : w18nx-001
Weight: 4.95 lbs
Manufacturer: Seas Excel
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SEAS Excel W18NX-001 (E0042) Nextel Cone 7" Woofer

An adaptive rubber surround provides an ideal match to the cone over the total frequency range.

A paper cone with a unique Nextel coating ensures smooth frequency response and low distortion.

A large magnet system with bumped back plate, together with a very long and light weight CCAW voice coil allow extreme coil excursion with low distortion and excellent transient response.

Heavy copper rings mounted above and below the T-shaped pole piece reduce non linear and modulation distortion and increase overload margin.

Extremely stiff and stable injection moulded metal basket keeps the critical components in perfect alignment.

Large windows in the basket both above and below the spider reduce sound reflexion, air flow noise and cavity resonance to a minimum.

Suggested box alignments:

Sealed box of 0.2 cubic feet for an F3 of 95Hz.  50% filling

Vented box of 0.4 cubic feet for an F3 of 60Hz.  1.5" diameter vent by 4.75" long

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by Jllathem
Jllathem bought "SEAS Excel W18NX-001 (E0042) Nextel Cone 7" Woofer" on our website
07/08/2018 - 10:48:49 PM
They say it won't play low....Nonsense
I purchased four of these units for an MTM tower speaker experiment with an extended bass shelf response. Internal volume of each cabinet is approximately 1.32 cubic feet with a 3 inch precision vent at a touch over 9 inches in length tuned to roughly 38 HZ. Due to the internal cabinet damping material I have chosen( .5 inch foam) this may also be contributing to a bit more internal volume the drivers are responding to. For whatever reason on some forums other enthusiasts had made the claim they could not get any appreciable lower extension from these drivers but I will simply state that isn't my case at all. I find myself now turning off my sub woofer just out of intrigue at the smooth lower extension I am getting with these units which is easily reaching down into the high 30 HZ territory and perhaps a bit lower with usable output. These are great sounding drivers with a unique tonal quality and detail that is greatly enjoyed. They look the part too and one can cast aside any doubts as to whether the aesthetics of these units will deter from the visual impact of whatever project they are taking on. Well done SEAS!
Reviewed by ainami
ainami bought "SEAS Excel W18NX-001 (E0042) Nextel Cone 7" Woofer" on our website
03/29/2018 - 02:15:26 PM
Very smooth
These drivers were used a 2-way TWW tower speaker. After burn-in, I found that they were very smooth sounding speakers. They have a tube-like bloom in the midrange that gives a very smooth texture. All the detail is there. I would put these in the Sonus Faber type of sonic signature category. Excellent choice if you are after that type of sound.
Reviewed by bought "SEAS Excel W18NX-001 (E0042) Nextel Cone 7" Woofer" on our website
12/04/2017 - 01:29:09 PM
I'm using it in the car combined with SEAS Excel T25CF-001 Tweeter (a good price for an Excel line driver). Madisound has provided me a crossover plan and I have to say that this is the best driver match I ever had. The nextel cone provides softness and musicalitty. Even with some spectrum peaks, normally expected in cars, the overall audio quality is impressive. Strongly recommended.
Reviewed by dwilli852
12/18/2012 - 09:34:16 PM
Great Sounding Woofer
Used these in a 2 1/2 way design along with the T29CF002 tweeter. Could be the best sounding woofer Seas makes.
Reviewed by Seren2
09/27/2012 - 05:31:04 PM
'I have had these woofers mounted in my car doors in the stock location for the past year. They were recommended to me by several people, and have provided excellent results. They reproduce everything thrown at them flawlessly and without adding any coloration. Imaging is excellent. They will play fairly low, relieving the subwoofer off all but the true sub-bass. I have them crossed at 60Hz and at 2.5khz. I have the Seas W18NX mated with the 1" ScanSpeak Illuminators and the two make an excellent combination. Someone should design a home speaker using the ScanSpeak 1" Illuminator and the Seas W18NX. Yes, they are a bit pricey, but you get what you pay for. If you want one of the best woofers available today, get the W18NX. Highly recommended.' Review by Shiv Naimpally. Posted by Madisound.