Markaudio Alpair-7P Paper Cone 4" Full Range

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Manufacturer: Markaudio
Product ID : ALPAIR-7P
Weight: 2.50 lbs
Manufacturer: Markaudio
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Markaudio Alpair-7P 4" Full Range Paper Cone, Excursion Arrestor 

Alpair-7P pdf spec sheet

The Alpair 7P is a audiophile-grade paper and glass strand re-enforced coned driver. Along with its sister drivers, 6P,10P and 12P, the Alpair 7P is designed for the serious music listener. The 7P’s relatively flat-wide response is designed to deliver a neutral sound. The high range life response is moved to begin its elevation above 17kHz.

Particular attention is paid to the stability of the light-thin cone with bonding reinforcement being deployed on the inner contour of its profile. The 7P’s moving mass is a lightweight 3 grams, yet it retains a long throw operation @ 4mm (1 way limited by Arrestor).

An all-new computer controlled assembly bonding process is deployed on this driver, delivering ultra tight tolerances in critical parts of the 7P’s power-train assembly.

The 7P can be used as a single-point source driver in purist Full-Range applications, or to partner with the Alpair 12PW, a bass-wide version of the Alpair 12P. The marriage between 7P and 12PW promises much in the way of deep rich bass and fine mid-high range detail. Alpair 12PW + Alpair 7P Plans

Running In: First 100 hours low volume background mixed music, no heavy bass. Gradually increase to normal operating levels from 100 hours onwards.

The 7P is a “light duty” driver. Max throw = 4mm (1 way) limited by Arrestor.

Keep the cone surface away from direct sunlight or any UV source.

If you put this driver in about 0.15 cubic feet (4.25 liters) with a handful of stuffing, you should have a 3dB down point of about 115Hz (6dB down at 89Hz).  

In a ported box of 0.2 cubic feet with a 1.5" diameter vent by 4" long (or 1" Ø x 1.5" long), your f3 is about 70Hz.

You might check some forums to see how other people are using this driver.  Do a search for Alpair 7P at

Small to medium sized speakers are usually lower power designs. The power rating is given in the technical data for each audio driver. For a reliable long service life, please operate your new speakers with care. For the first 100 hours, operate them at very low volumes. After this period, gradually increase the volume to a normal listening level. If you see the cone of the speakers making large movements, immediately turn the volume down. This will protect the speaker and your human hearing from damage. Factory mechanical defects for a period of 1 year. Excessive hard use (over-driving) and other damage caused during customer use is excluded from our warranty.

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