Markaudio CHP-70-BP Gen2 black paper

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Manufacturer: Markaudio
Product ID : CHP-70-BP
Weight: 1.80 lbs
Manufacturer: Markaudio
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Markaudio CHP-70-BP Gen2 black paper (CHP70A BLACK CONE)
CHP-70 Gen. 2 Full Range audio driver

This updated (Gen. 2) CHP-70 driver is designed to make a semi-vintage classic sound, similar to the smaller full range driver designs from the 1950ʼs. Its middle-high range output has been made to “roll-off” from 7-kHz up. This helps to keep the high range sounding smooth and warm. This driver makes the singers voice sound very natural, a little warm, pleasing for many hours of listening.

The CHP-70 Gen. 2 will assist in the control of sharp or hard sounding compressed music (digital). This CHP delivers a tone that appeals to classic music enthusiasts using smaller amplifiers. The off-axis and sound-spread of the CHP-70 is excellent. This driver is capable of filling a room environment with an “easy listening” experience, especially for human voice. The bass response from the CHP-70 Gen. 2 in a properly tuned box is excellent for this smaller sized driver. Typically, for lower power applications, in a Bass-Reflex or Vented box, lower responses close to 40Hz can be obtained.

Many technical improvements:
  • Improved stiffer frame.
  • New cap design with new improved fitting method.
  • New Japanese designed coil.
  • New spider for improved bass.
  • Two color choices (natural paper and black paper cones)
  • The CHP-70 Gen. 2 is an excellent "classic" and "natural" sound driver.

Enclosure Plans for CHP-70-BP

Please Note:  Small to medium sized speakers are usually lower power designs. The power rating is given in the technical data
for each audio driver. For a reliable long service life, please operate your new speakers with care. For the first 100
hours operate them at very low volumes. After this period, gradually increase the volume to a normal listening
level. If you see the cone of the speakers making large movements, immediately turn the volume down. This will
protect the speaker and your human hearing from damage. Factory mechanical defects for a period of 1 year.
Excessive hard use (over-driving) and other damage caused during customer use is excluded from our warranty.

About MarkAudio

Markaudio is a audio speaker product design and manufacturing company based in Quandong Province, South China. Established for 11 years, Markaudio has progressed from supplying audio components for European audio brands to producing its own range of audio speaker drivers and accessories. Markaudio designs all its products "in house". All the major components for its speaker drivers are 100% custom made. The company philosophy is one of continuous improvement. Markaudio enjoys a world-wide leading reputation for high performance top quality Full-Range audio drivers.

Originally founded by Mark Fenlon, a mechanical design engineer with 3o years of industrial experience in component design and function, the company has grown to include a variety of specialists in acoustic design and manufacture. Evan Yu joined the company in 2007 and now holds responsibilites for component supply and production. Evan is joined by a dedicated small team of technicians and assembly staff who individually produce drivers. 

Markaudio driver design and operational functions are directly influenced with input from leading Japanese acoustic experts and mechanical component designers. In particular, Matsumoto San, Matsubara san and Ozowa San along with other leaders in loudspeaker function assist Markaudio to constantly develop product.

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