Markaudio Pluvia Seven Grey Cone 4" Full Range

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Manufacturer: Markaudio
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Manufacturer: Markaudio
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MarkAudio Pluvia Seven 4" Full Range in Soft Chrome (like pewter)

Pluvia Seven Extended Full Range audio driver.

The Pluvia Seven driver is a new type of small driver from MarkAudio. While it's mechanically similar to the CHR-70 series drivers, its major design features are more advanced.

The main feature of this Pluvia is its new low-mass thin profile glass-fibre injected chassis (frame). This chassis design has taken 2 years of research and development to produce a highly damped strong frame that makes installation easy. Pluvia Seven can be either surface mounted or recessed into a loudspeaker box. The chassis mounting depth is only 3.5mm making it easy fit for either type of installation. The chassis appearance is high quality, with a professional industry finish that makes the Pluvia Seven look expensive while it remains affordable.

The Pluvia Seven features a new shape cap and revised suspensions giving it a wide range with controlled mid response to help reduce “shout,” typical of many small wide band drivers. Pluvia’s cones use the latest profiles from designer Mark Fenlon, featuring 2 new colours, Vintage Gold and Soft Chrome. Vocals on this PLuvia are clear and natural. Baffle Step Compensation (BSC) is enhanced on the new suspension layout, making this driver more effective in combatting box losses in the low range. Other new features include longer gold plated connectors for easier soldering or using clamp type connectors.

The new Pluvia Seven is an excellent high-end and multi-purpose driver. It's also suitable for many computer, Home Theatre, TV, and commercial A/V applications.

Suggested alignments:

4.3 liters (0.15 cubic foot) sealed box for an f3 of 100Hz and f6 of 77Hz
8 liters (0.28 cubic foot) sealed box for an f3 of 100Hz and f6 of 70Hz

7 liters (0.25 cubic foot) vented box with 1.5" diameter vent by 4" long for f3 of 57Hz
9 liters (0.32 cubic foot) vented box with 1.5" diameter vent by 4" long for f3 of 51Hz
12 liters (0.42 cubic foot) vented box with 1.5" diameter vent by 4' long for f3 of 46Hz

Here is a 1.5" x 4" long port tube: PT-F415

Here are links to drawings for above:

Small to medium sized speakers are usually lower power designs. The power rating is given in the technical data for each audio driver. For a reliable long service life, please operate your new speakers with care. For the first 100 hours, operate them at very low volumes. After this period, gradually increase the volume to a normal listening level. If you see the cone of the speakers making large movements, immediately turn the volume down. This will protect the speaker and your human hearing from damage. Factory mechanical defects for a period of 1 year. Excessive hard use (over-driving) and other damage caused during customer use is excluded from our warranty.

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by bought "Markaudio Pluvia Seven Grey Cone 4" Full Range" on our website
09/07/2017 - 09:43:58 AM
Love this driver.
Hi all, So I've spent nearly 18 years of my life on the pursuit of speakers that are exciting to listen to and don't exhaust the ears.

For years while working as a TD at an enormous Live Venue in Northern California I had a very nice 5 way active set-up I built using Scan-Speak and different drivers that all who heard simply loved. I was the FOH sound engineer so I would record uncompressed multi channel copy's of every show which I would take home compare to. Brass is hard to make feel real.

One day someone asked me to build boxes for some Audio Nirvana Super 8 Alnicos. WOW

Alas I was introduced to the wonderful world of Full range drivers. Where had you been hiding all my life?

I had another project following that one and after some research decided to try Mark Audios new 8" 12p. I had high hopes, It has nice specs. And people loved it. Unfortunately the customer wasn't happy with the sound. And after a month of near cult like beak in procedures neither was I. Since that failure I have tried those drivers in more boxes than I'm able to remember. Problem is they've never been able to turn invisible when playing. As whimsical as that sounds, speaker drives shouldnt be making any noise at all other than what the source says.The 12p's fiberglass frame resonates under demand. It is an obnoxious distortion I've never encountered with anything but very cheap stamped frame speakers.

I figured I was over Mark Audio.

Then they released this little 4" driver with its 6" brother (or sister) and a new 3" spiderless Alpair. I have no idea why but something drove me to try this metal driver.

This was my first experience with a metal full range driver. I was hesitant about the rising response. Though working in live audio taught me this might not even be noticeable. After living with it a while I can say the treble sounds as good as the source. I've never felt it insufficient or over powering in anyway.

All that being said, this has turned into my favorite driver under 6" I've ever used. It is my answer to the question if you were stuck on an Island and could only bring one ...

Im using this driver in an open baffle playing full range with music but crossed over at 120Hz to sealed 8" woofers built into each of the bases of the speakers when watching movies at any decent volume. Still a test box. The subs are used very rarely.

To break these in I left them in my basement playing Jazz radio for their first month straight.

It was my plan to get the 4" to test if I liked the way it sounded. I figure since the 4" and 6" are virtually identical in response and radiation pattern with the 6" producing a bit more Bass and the 4" a touch more refined treble. If I liked the 4" I would get the 6" to build a 3 way F.A.S.T system. Using a two channel amp to power each speaker with one channel powering the sub and the other to power the 4 and 6 inch drivers which will be crossed passively 1st order in the mid treble region. Although this is still my plan I've enjoyed the 4" so much this plan has been slowed for the time. Soon though

And I know F.A.S.T. set-ups are supposed to be 2 way. Sue me.

To me the best compliments are unsolicited and random. I like to turn on music unnoticed to catch people off guard and to not to create any expectations. Asking people to listen to speakers and judge them for you subjectively is useless.

With these speakers and the right song and proper volume listeners are taken aback by the natural mids, strong treble and insane imaging they produce. I've been told the words coherency, intelligibility, large, open and clear by non audiophiles describing the sound. These drivers vanish and don't call for attention so you can stay concentrated on what ever you're listening to

Thank you Mark Audio for these wonderful little drivers. I cant wait for whats next!

One last thing, product pics of these are misleading. In the pic they look like pewter or ceramic or something but in person they look like bushed steel with a satin sheen. You can see the direction of the grain, and it is very nice in person. Im curious how the copper ones really look?