Markaudio Pluvia Seven HD 4" Metal Cone Full Range-Chrome

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Manufacturer: Markaudio
Product ID : Pluvia-7-HD-Chrome
Weight: 3.00 lbs
Manufacturer: Markaudio
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Markaudio Pluvia Seven HD 4" Metal Cone Full Range- Chrome

The new paper-cone Pluvia 7HD was developed specifically for the Japanese and Asian markets,
and its response balance was carefully engineered to provide a shelved down treble and
emphasised upper midrange output to address specific regional requests.

The attractive paper cone, suspension and low-mass coil, wound in high-purity rectangular section
copper are unique to this model, and the Thiele / Small characteristics engineered to allow
surprising bass performance from a compact drive unit. The frame is the familiar, high quality Pluvia
design, which may be conveniently surface or flush-mounted, and has a very open design, allowing
good air-flow to the rear of the cone.

The sound balance is warm, with emphasised upper midrange, and soft treble. Jazz followers in
Asia played a role in the final tuning of this driver. Those enthusiasts into vintage and mono
recordings using warm tube (valve) amplification may have a particular interest in this driver.

The second-generation Pluvia 7HD is designed to supersede our original Alpair 7 series drive units. It employs many of the same components, and has a very similar balance of frequency response and Thiele / Small values to the old Alpair model, packaged in the more efficient and convenient Pluvia frame. With a mounting depth of less than 4mm, the Pluvia may be surface or flush-mounted, and the design of the mounting legs is very open, allowing good airflow to the rear.

The low-mass coil, suspension and shallow-profile cone are highly efficient. Frequency response extends beyond 30KHz, and the generous 4mm (1-way) Xmax and conveniently balanced T/S parameters allow 40Hz bass output in suitable enclosure designs. The sound character is neutral and highly detailed, with excellent off-axis performance. It is an extremely flexible drive unit for music, small HT and commercial AV applications, and offers exceptional performance at an affordable price point.

Small to medium sized speakers are usually lower power designs. The power rating is given in the technical data for each audio driver. For a reliable long service life, please operate your new speakers with care. For the first 100 hours, operate them at very low volumes. After this period, gradually increase the volume to a normal listening level. If you see the cone of the speakers making large movements, immediately turn the volume down. This will protect the speaker and your human hearing from damage. Factory mechanical defects for a period of 1 year. Excessive hard use (over-driving) and other damage caused during customer use is excluded from our warranty.

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