ScanSpeak Classic P17WJ02-04 6.5" Woofer 4 ohm

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Manufacturer: ScanSpeak
Product ID : P17WJ02-04
Weight: 2.60 lbs
Manufacturer: ScanSpeak
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ScanSpeak Classic P17WJ02-04 6.5" Woofer (P17WJ02-04) 4 OHM VERSION

This classic 6.5" woofer is now being built by Scan-speak in Denmark.

  • Magnesium basket
  • Mineral filled polycone
  • Rubber surround
  • Smooth response
  • Ideal for bass reflex
  • Flange 170mm
  • Cut-out 145.5mm
  • Depth 75.1mm
  • Ideal drop in replacement driver for any discontinued Vifa or Seas P17 4 ohm drivers 
This is an updated version of the Vifa P17WJ00-04 woofer.  We had this driver made to provide a replacement for many drivers built on this frame from both Seas and Vifa for many years.  Here are some models that were built on this frame.

Seas P17RC, P17RCY, P17RE, P17REX, CC17RCY
If you have a 4 ohm version of any of these, the P17WJ02-04 might be your best replacement.

Vifa P17WJ00-04, P17WG09-04, M17WG09-04, M17WG49-04.  There are probably many OEM specially labeled versions too.

Possible Alignments:

0.3 cf3 vented box, single port 1.5" x 5" for Fb 50 Hz and F3 67 Hz.

0.6 cf3 vented box, single port 2" x 6.3" for Fb 41 Hz and F3 56 Hz. (maximum bass)

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