Audax TW034X0 1.3" Textile Dome Tweeter

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Manufacturer: Audax
Product ID : tw034x0
Weight: 3.30 lbs
Manufacturer: Audax
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Audax TW034X0 34mm (1.3") textile dome tweeter

Audax TW034X0 is the direct replacement for the old HD13D34H with greatly improved power handling and extended linear response. 34mm voice coil. Used by numerous OEM manufacturers such as Spendor, Rogers and BBC monitors. No Ferrofluid.  This is also the replacement tweeter on the back of the JBL SVA 2100 horn.

This is more typically called a mid/tweeter since it plays a bit lower than most tweeters, but not quite as high as most tweeters. The larger faceplate makes it a good candidate for replacing older, Advent or other oversized faceplate tweeters. Made in France. The TW034X0 features an aluminum face plate, replaceable voice coil (RW034X0), high power handling, and high efficiency.

  • 8 ohms
  • 93 dB
  • Fs 800Hz
  • Re 5.3 ohm
  • 34mm diameter voice coil
  • 70 Watts

Flange diameter 132mm (5.2")
Cut out diameter 106mm (4.17")
Depth 29mm (1.14")

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by perrymarshall
perrymarshall bought "Audax TW034X0 1.3" Textile Dome Tweeter" on our website
03/04/2019 - 01:54:50 PM
There's a reason why this is a classic tweeter
I used these in a brand new design using vintage components. I'm using Digital Signal Processing (with Finite Impulse Response filters, so it's fairly sophisticated).

I have learned you can EQ drivers any way you like, but you cannot make them sound the same. Each driver has a "signature sound" that largely influences the character of your system, somewhat independently of how it measures. A paper cone tweeter will sound like paper no matter what you do. Same with metal.

This tweeter has a peak at around 12KHz with a gentle roll-off above that point. So it will have a definite high-end coloration that many listeners will probably like. That is not a concern for me with DSP.

As I said I can EQ as I like. I added about +6 dB of boost around 20Khz and this *definitely* makes a difference - without it, some listeners would ask for a super tweeter.

But nevertheless:

-This tweeter has a very pleasant, non-fatiguing, crisp and full bodied sound. The fabric dome has a laid back yet precise signature sound that is easy on the ears and fantastic for jazz and other percussive music. Very dynamic.

-Obviously it's bigger than 25mm domes but its dispersion is still quite good and it's a great match for 8, 10 and perhaps even 12" woofers.

-Quality control seems good as both samples had nearly identical frequency response.

-I am crossing it over at 1850Hz, roughly 18dB per octave.

If you are building a system that falls within the tradition of British monitors like KEF, Rogers, Spendor, Harbeth... if you like that romantic UK / French / European sound, this tweeter has a signature sound that you will like. It's not surprising this tweeter is still around after 40 years.
Reviewed by guy.ramsey
07/03/2016 - 06:28:45 PM
unique driver
This is a very beautiful sounding driver. Limited HF response is probably irrelevant to most listeners. But, low distortion and high output make this a perfect HF driver for two way designs. It can be crossed over low enough for use with 8" LF drivers.
I use this in AR4x updates it is an amazing replacement for the OEM part.
Reviewed by deejay49
09/16/2013 - 09:39:31 PM
1.3" soft dome tweeter
I have the original fabric dome tweeter 1980's vintage in a set of Engima Speakers paired with the 8" woofer. The box is approximately 2 cubic feet and ported. The mid-range dome tweeter provides a quality sound comparable to the famous fried egg tweeter by Henry Kloss (Advent, KLH fame). Sounds just as good as the tweeters in my Energy Pro-22's by Klipsch.
I am looking to pickup a small Enigma speaker with the 6.5" woofer and 1" tweeter by Audax. The Enigma's were a limited Canadian made speaker that are bought as soon as they are posted for sale.
My set originally sold for $800 with the component replacement today worth over $400.00
So the new ones must sound awesome.