ScanSpeak 6.5" 2-Way Signature Car Audio Kit - Pair

Price: $789.00


Manufacturer: ScanSpeak
Product ID : SIG-65
Weight: 16.00 lbs
Manufacturer: ScanSpeak
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Scan-Speak 6.5" 2-Way Signature Car Audio Kit - PAIR

Price shown is for a PAIR

Scan-Speak systems deliver outstanding performance to meet all levels of audiophile quality in car sound reproduction. In our many years as a loudspeaker distributor, Scan-Speak have always stood out as a superior choice for autosound applications. Revelator series woofers are one of the very few able to achieve tight and robust low end while still delivering detailed and extended upper frequency response. Illuminator series tweeters are simply the best performing small format tweeters available, providing articulate reproduction and high power handling. Over 40 years of loudspeaker engineering experience culminate in these high performance transducers.

This system will provide excellent performance with or without a subwoofer. The larger size of the woofer extends the low end and increases power handling. For moderate to medium listening levels, this system alone will be enough for many people. Of course with better sound you may wish to turn it up, and for that we would recommend adding a subwoofer.  With a high pass of 70Hz (or higher) on the amplifier powering the 6.5” 2-way, your power handling and output potential will increase.  Using a sealed chamber on this system will also increase performance and power handling, but is not as critical as it would be with the 5.5” woofer.  Installation of this system, with or without a subwoofer, will provide you true hi-fidelity sound quality on par with the best systems in the world.

No soldering is required to complete this system. The crossover is fully assembled and crimp on quick connects are included to make all speaker wire attachements to the crossovers and drivers.

If you require a more compact system, the Signature 5.5" 2-Way is also available.

Each Kit Includes

  • (2) Professionally Assembled Crossovers (R1 resistor for zero dB)
  • (2) Scan-Speak 18W/4531G Revelator Woofers
  • (2) Scan-Speak D3004/6020-00 or R3004/6020-00 Illuminator Tweeters
  • (20) Quick Connects for attaching wires to crossovers and crossovers to drivers
  • (6) M3 Hex Head Screws for Illuminator tweeters
  • (10) Black Ox & Wax #8 1" OX8PAN1 screws for Revelator woofers
  • All pricing listed on this product page includes a 10% discount!
  • Crossovers Only, Pair, No Drivers - available from drop down menu

System Specifications

  • Effective Frequency Range: 35Hz - 40kHz
  • Sensitivity: 90db @ 1W/1M
  • Long Term Max Power: 150W rms
  • Short Term Max Power: 300W rms
  • Impedance: 4ohm

Tweeter Choices

The Signature 6.5" 2-Way system is available with either the 1" wide surround dome D3004/6020-00 or the 1" wide surround ring dome R3004/6020-00. The dome tweeter has better off-axis response and is a wise choice if the tweeters are not pointed at the listener. The ring dome tweeters are designed to reduce the distortion that occurs at the tip of traditional dome tweeters. Removing that distortion gives you a noticeably clearer tone and extra top end extension. The ring dome upper frequency response drops off when you are off-axis, so choose this if the tweeter is pointed at the listener.


The Revelator line of mid/bass woofers are considered by many (including ourselves) among the best in the world - at any price. The Signature 6.5" utilizes the 18W/4531G slit paper cone. The large radiating surface area shows efficient use of the compact frame size. The basket is well ventilated both behind the cone and underneath the spider providing good self cooling properties. Both linear and mechanical excursion are exceptional.

This is the 4 ohm version of the same driver used in the immensely popular Zaph|Audio ZRT home speaker kits.

Crossover Choices

The crossover includes a Goertz 14awg Copper Foil inductor in series with the woofer. This low pass filter achieves the cleanest coupling to the power supply that we know of. The tweeter section utilizes ClarityCap CSA series capacitors and a Mundorf MOX film resistor. In our opinion, the CSA capacitors offer the best sound quality value of any capacitor on the market.

Mundorf MCap Supreme capacitors can be used for the ultimate version of this system. It is your choice if you wish to go the extra lengths to improve your high frequency clarity. A budget version of the crossover is also available from the drop down menu, and uses a Sidewinder 16awg air core inductor on the woofer and Solen FastCaps on the tweeter.

The crossover is professionally assembled on a circuit board that is 9.55” x 4.05” The height of the crossover is about 2 ¼”. The Mundorf version of the crossover is on two separate circuit boards. Make sure to allocate the room necessary in your vehicle for these crossovers.

We have built the crossover for the 0dB gain option (see graph below). If you want to lower or raise the tweeter output we will provide you instructions and appropriate resistors when applicable. Unsoldering and resoldering of resistors is required to accomplish this. 

Subwoofer Options

We recommend the following Scan-Speak subwoofers to compliment the Signature 2-Way system.

Scan-Speak Revelator 23W/4557-02 9" Aluminum Cone Subwoofer

  • 0.5 to 0.75 cubic foot sealed box with 50% filling
  • F3 of 25Hz with 3db of cabin gain
  • 106dB at 200 watts

Scan-Speak Discovery 26W/4558T 10" Aluminum Cone Subwoofer

  • 0.5 to 1.0 cubic foot sealed box with 50% filling
  • F3 of 30Hz with 3dB of cabin gain
  • 110dB at 150 watts

Scan-Speak Discovery 30W/4558T 12" Aluminum Cone Subwoofer

  • 1.0 to 1.5 cubic foot sealed box with 50% filling
  • F3 of 25Hz with 3dB of cabin gain
  • 112dB at 150 watts

Recommended Placement

Scan-Speak recommends a 4 channel installation for regular sized vehicles. The front stage should have the woofers door mounted and the tweeters in the dashboard or A-pillar. The rear stage should have both the woofers and tweeters mounted in the rear doors. A 2 channel installation is a good option for smaller cabin vehicles.

Frequency Response

The following is the measured frequency response with tweeter level options of the Signature 6.5" 2-Way done by the Scan-Speak engineering team in Videbaek, Denmark.

Tweeter Level Options

Mechanical Drawing of Drivers

Please review the following mechanical drawings of the drivers used in this Signature kit. These are not standard size drivers, so please ensure you have adequate mounting space and depth for your installation.

1" = 25.4mm

Grill covers are not available for the woofers.

Spec sheet: ScanSpeak 6.5” Signature 2-way Car Audio Kit

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