LPG 26NA Aluminum Dome Car Tweeter

LPG 26NA Aluminum Dome Car Tweeter
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Price: $46.75


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Manufacturer: LPG
Product ID : 26na
Weight: 0.15 lbs
Manufacturer: LPG
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LPG 1" neodymium magnet tweeter.

  • Compact high efficiency dome tweeters with smooth and extended frequency response.
  • Variable mounting to fit your applications.
  • Ferrofluid cooled for higher power handling.
  • Can be used in LPG wedge or hinged wedge mount.

Technical Data

Nominal Impedance 8ohm
DC Resistance Rdc 6.8ohm
Resonant Frequency fr 1850 Hz
Rated Power 80 W
SPL 1W/1m 92 db
Total Moving Mass MMS 0.22 g
Effective Piston Area SD 6.8 cm2
Voice Coil Diameter 25 mm
Voice Coil Former Nomex
Voice Coil Length 1.5 mm
Voice Coil Layers 2
Flux Density B 1.35 Tesla
Force Factor BL 2.4 Tm
Gap Height 2 mm
Magnet Diameter 32 mm
Magnet Height 8 mm
Magnet Weight 0.05 kg
Mass of Speaker 0.07 kg

Flange diameter 48 mm
Cutout hole diameter 46 mm
Depth 10 mm

Wedge mounting: $2.00 each (LPGWM)
Hinged Wedge mounting: $3.50 each (HWM)
Flush mounting: $3.50 each (LPGFM)

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by Sholmblad
Sholmblad bought "LPG 26NA Aluminum Dome Car Tweeter" on our website
12/17/2018 - 08:48:02 PM
Excellent tweeter for the money
These are very detailed and bright. Also a little more efficient in two scenarios I used these tweeters.
One thing I noticed was the the improved detail these offered over my old Boston proseries tweeters and replaced some soft dome tweeters from a pair of Eclipse 8062 components.
In both cases I had to EQ them to level things out.
Reviewed by Seren2
09/26/2012 - 02:57:51 PM
Product review of 26NA, 'I just purchased two of these to replace a Blown Boston Neo Type M. I am surprised how well they match up; the sound is sharper and more detailed than the Bostons and seems to reach higher frequencies. I have them crossed at 5000 Hz.' Review by Ryan Gamble. Posted by Madisound.