ScanSpeak Classic D2904/9800 1" Tweeter Aluminum Dome

ScanSpeak Classic D2904/9800 1" Tweeter Aluminum Dome
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Price: $211.50


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Manufacturer: ScanSpeak
Product ID : d2904_9800
Weight: 1.98 lbs
Manufacturer: ScanSpeak
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ScanSpeak Classic D2904/9800 1" Tweeter Aluminum Dome

  • 1" Aluminium Dome Diaphragm
  • Patented Symmetrical Drive (SD) motor
  • Wave Guide
  • Low Resonance Rear Chamber
  • Black Painted Alu Face Plate

The Scan-speak D2904/9800 is a high-end 1" aluminum dome tweeter. The magnet system uses the Symmetric Drive technology that almost eliminates electrical phase shift. The specially designed chamber reduces air noise and compression. The geometry of the dome causes the "break-up" to appear beyond the audible range. A specially designed diffusor is used to equalize the response in the upper octave. The tweeter has a very clear and open sound.

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Reviewed by gadid100
gadid100 bought "ScanSpeak Classic D2904/9800 1" Tweeter Aluminum Dome" on our website
07/08/2018 - 07:33:53 AM
well after buying approximately tweeters from many brands. i have to say this one is by far the best i have ever heard,the sound is open, silky smooth, detailed but not harsh,this metal dome sound like a super silk dome from out of space....
its not cheap , but worth every penny.i d'ont think any other brand can make something so good i guess scan speak is really the best.
thx madisound