Zaph|Audio ZA5 Autosound 2-Way, Pair

Zaph|Audio ZA5 Autosound 2-Way, Pair
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Price: $279.00


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Manufacturer: Zaph Audio
Product ID : za5-auto
Weight: 10.00 lbs
Manufacturer: Zaph Audio
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ZA5 Autosound 2-Way from the Zaph|Audio ZA5 Family 
Price shown is for a pair

This is the car audio 2-Way offering from the ZA5 family of kits.

The Zaph Audio ZA5 Family is a collection of speaker kits using the ZA14W08 woofer. This car audio kit combines the ZA14W08 woofer with the Seas Prestige 27TAFNC/G (H1397) 1" aluminum dome tweeter. This kit represents fantastic performance at a very attractive price.

Fully documented information on the ZA5 Autosound hit can be found on the Zaph Audio website. (scroll down a little over halfway for the write up on this design)

Each ZA5 Autosound Kit Includes:

(2) Zaph ZA14W08 Aluminum Cone Midwoofers

  • 5.47" overall diameter
  • 4.60" cutout hole requirement
  • 2.43" depth from back of flange
  • 2.62" overall depth including flange

(2) Seas Prestige 27TAFNC/G (H1397) Aluminum Dome Tweeters

  • 2.08" overall diameter
  • 1.81" cutout hole requirement
  • May be fastened from behind with use of an M4 bolt
  • May also be mounted by modifying an LPG tweeter mount (not included with kit, see tweeter description for more information)

(2) Professionally Assembled Crossovers

  • Note: Crossover are assembled on the103B circuit board which measures 9.55" x 4.05"
  • Solen FastCaps, Mundorf MOX resistor & Madisound Air Core inductor for tweeter
  • Madisound Air Core inductor & Bennic Polypropylene caps for woofer
  • See picture above 

Option to consider but not included:

  • Gold Plated Quick Connects - crimp to speaker wire and fasten to tweeter, midwoofer and crossover tabs
  • (6) QC110 for tweeters and - midwoofer tabs
  • (14) QC187 for crossovers and + midwoofer tabs
  • Be careful when pulling quick connect off tweeter tabs!
  • Optional - solder for permanent connection
  • Select from drop down menu above

Crossover Options (select from drop down menu above):

  • Upgrade Series Tweeter Capacitor
  • Crossovers Only - No Drivers

Kit pricing shown includes a discount on all drivers and accessories package. 

Important application notes from Zaph on this system:

"This system should not be considered a full range system, and will require an active crossover to a subwoofer. By design the woofer is closer to a midrange and in a automotive environment it does not have the excursion to cover the whole spectrum without the help of a subwoofer. A 4th order crossover between 80 and 120 Hz will do the job nicely and allow the ZA14W08 to reach very high output levels and operate without distortion. While the default power handling of the woofer is specified as 60 watts, that's merely a rough estimate in a typical vented home enclosure. With an active high pass subwoofer crossover filtering the lows, power handling will be substantially higher. For most people with an average SPL requirement, a 100 Hz sub crossover will do nicely. For those who favor very high levels, this driver will need to be crossed much higher, possibly as high as 150 Hz. That would be enough to satisfy almost any SPL requirement while operating with low distortion in the midbass and midrange. "

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by MountainMan
05/06/2014 - 10:12:32 PM
I have experimented with many different speakers in my front doors over the years, with the last pair (JL audio components, also $230) being the last straw (They had an awful spike in the midrange that made my ears ring). I installed THESE today and was very impressed. The crossovers I received were HUGE, but actually tucked away perfectly. I have the tweeters placed right next to the woofer, offset slightly so that both are equal distance from my head. I'm not going to say that these sound "Good", whatever that means, but I will say that I can listen to them without my ears hurting over time and that these are WAY louder and cleaner BY FAR than any speakers that I have had at the same given wattage. Crossed over at 200hz actively to Dayton RS270's also in my doors, my 50wpc (@4ohms) amp gives out before the speakers seem to. I also use active EQ to shape the sound to my preference, which usually involves cuting wide around 3-5k for reasons I assume have to do with the acoustic flaws of my car's interior. I give these 4 out of 5 stars only because I save 5 stars for something that REALLY blows me away, and as great as they are, they are not the greatest out there. But great enough for me :)