Seas Prestige L12RE/XFC (H1602) 5" Alum/Fabric Coaxial

Seas Prestige L12RE/XFC (H1602) 5" Alum/Fabric Coaxial
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Manufacturer: Seas Prestige
Product ID : h1602
Weight: 3.50 lbs
Manufacturer: Seas Prestige
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L12RE/XFC (H1602) 5" Aluminum Cone Coaxial

  • True fullrange, high-End performance in very compact package
  • Higher SPL capability and low distortion
  • Precise imaging and stable soundstage over a wider listening area
  • Legendary SEAS contruction and quality control
  • Field replaceable tweeter module
  • Aluminum cone woofer + fabric dome tweeter
  • 4 ohms woofer section

Application note for H1602-04/06 L12RE/XFC (PDF)

Datasheet for L12RE/XFC (H1602) (PDF)

The L12RE/XFC is a coaxial loudspeaker providing high quality sound in a very compact format. The coaxially arranged precoated fabric dome high frequency unit has a low resonance frequency, and integrates with the cone driver to a point source. Voice coil windings immersed in magnetic fluid increase short term power handling capacity and reduce the compression at high power levels. The cone of the woofer acts as a moderate horn loading for the tweeter, and the chassis of the dome unit represents the throat of this horn. The stiff, yet light aluminum cone acts as a piston throughout the recommended frequency range.

SEAS coaxial technology raises the bar for small loudspeaker performance. Over the last few years, there has been an unmistakable increase in demand for smaller loudspeakers with higher quality sound. We all know the challenges. Small loudspeakers have to move a lot of air to create bass, while at the same time be capable of accuarately reproducing delicate high frequencies. These trends have led to the further refinement of small fullrange drivers in various products such as computer speakers and other personal audio products. SEAS wanted performance beyond what even the very best small fullrange drivers could offer. To achieve this, we had to look no further than our very own advanced coaxial driver technology. With nearly 25 years of experience in designing and manufacturing high performance coaxial drivers, we set our sights on developing a coaxial design that would set new standards of performance sound quality in a small enclosure. The result is our new L12RE/XFC coaxial driver, which delivers the superior sound quality you would expect from a SEAS Prestige driver, and offers advantages over conventional fullrange designs. See Application Notes PDF for enclosure.

Optional Crossover:

We tried several circuit boards for this, but the smallest we could fit the crossover on was the 103B board, 9.5" x 4.0". This board is too large to fit in the tiny enclosure as designed, so you'd have to run it externally. We are using Sidewinder inductor and Clarity SA capacitor. The crossover will result in very flat response. The slopes are hybrid 2nd order low-pass and 3rd order high-pass. See PDF file for network schematic.


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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by apduggan
12/27/2018 - 08:13:39 PM
Surprisingly robust sound
I bought these with the Goetz inductor/Clarity caps to create small bookshelf speakers in my bedroom. I expected them to be well above average for typically low-level off-axis listening, but not especially bold or competitive with larger speakers. After all, they're coaxials, and they're only 4.7"! They have far exceeded my expectations. First, they are much more flat and articulate than I expected. Instrument separation, vocal details, and other acoustic subtleties often lost in coaxials of this size (e.g. breaths, little guitar pick scratches, etc) are all there. And there are no 'hot' areas within the audible spectrum. No shrill guitars. No extra crispy cymbal crashes. They really are reasonably flat. Second, they are quite dynamic. The punchiness of transient kicks/snares, the crescendo of violins, all stand out in exactly the way they ought to. Third, although these aren't exactly going to shake pictures off the wall, they definitely get much louder than you'd expect before distorting. I'm driving them with a Dayton APA150, which is a class A/B amp rated at 75 watts per channel at 4ohms. I consistently get clear audio up to around 92dB (C-weighted) in my 180sq ft bedroom. That's quite loud for such tiny speakers. Granted, if space isn't an issue, or if you need wide channel separation, super focused highs, or tons of volume, then these aren't the way to go. But I think they're an excellent choice for someone who needs a lot in a little space. Highly recommended.
Reviewed by bought "Seas Prestige L12RE/XFC (H1602) 5" Alum/Fabric Coaxial" on our website
10/19/2012 - 11:55:48 AM
Recommended after 2 years listening
This driver is a very nice choice if you search for resolution. It really goes down to 63Hz as written in its datasheet and application note. The advantage of a coaxial driver against a fullrange is that there is not intermodulation. In most fullrange drivers if you don't use an High Pass Filter you miss some harmonics due to excursion limitations. Another thing is that both woofer and tweeter are in phase, so you can distinguish each instrument with no problem. You will need a subwoofer working from 20-80Hz to complete the audio spectrum. I'm using Mundorf Supreme Caps in its crossover. They are fantastic! I recommend it, after more than two years listening.