Fostex BK-16 Folded Horn Kit - Pair

Fostex BK-16 Folded Horn Kit - Pair
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Price: $519.00


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Manufacturer: Fostex
Product ID : bk16-kit
Weight: 101.20 lbs
Manufacturer: Fostex
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Fostex BK-16 6.5" Full-Range High Efficiency Folded Horn Kit
Price shown is for a PAIR

The current BK-16 Kit features the Fostex FE166En 6.5" full range speaker. As this driver has excellent response up to ~20 kHz, we have eliminated the T90A top mount super tweeter that was part of the original BK-16 Kit. This crossover-free speaker has satisfying low end response of about 55Hz, with a gradual rolloff. We recommend using one of the BK-16 Stands for improved in-room bass response. Room placement near rear and side boundaries can also enhance the overall impact of these speakers in you listening area. 

The cabinets are locally cut by CNC machine from high quality multi-layer 11/16” Baltic Birch and delivered flat packed. The through hole for the driver is chamfered to promote optimal air flow. Wood glue, clamps and a little sand paper are all that is required for assembly. Detailed assembly instructions are also included. Cabinets are also available for seperate purchase here.

Completed cabinets measure  29” tall x 9 3/4" wide, 14 3/4” deep . The unfinished/unstained wood is ready for your choice of finish. You may also choose to round over the edges if you prefer that style of appearance. High quality internal hookup wire (Supra Classic 1.6) and damping material (Acousta-Stuf) and are included with the kit purchase. The rear of the cabinet is already cut for a perfect flush mount of the  DB-CUP input cup with diamond cut gold plated binding posts.

The sound of this folded horn cabinet is delightful and we'll sure you'll enjoy the BK-16 kit!


BK-16 Kit Includes:

  • 2x Fostex FE166En 6.5” Full Range Drivers
  • 2x Unassembled and Unfinished Baltic Birch Cabinets (Assembled measurements 29” tall x 14 3/4” wide, 9 3/4” deep)
  • 12 oz. Acousta-Stuf internal damping material 
  • 4 ft. Supra Classic 1.6 15 AWG Internal speaker wire
  • 8x QC205 Quick Connects (4 red, 4 black - attach wire to input cups and drivers)
  • 2x DB-CUP Input Cups w/ Gold Plated Binding Posts
  • 8x 8X1 Socket Head Wood Screws (8x Philips Head wood screws also included)
  • Updated and improved assembly instructions (PDF)

Tools Required for Assembly:

  • Elmer’s Wood Glue
  • Sand Paper
  • Bar Clamps (3x 24", 2x 36" - the more the better. Available at your local hardware store, or online at
Upgrade Options:
  • 2x FE168E Sigma 6.5” Full Range Drivers 
  • 2x FE168NS 6.5" Full Range Drivers 
  • Available from the drop down menu

Ordering this item will provide you with all parts needed for a stereo pair of speakers.



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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by Fierofreakz
06/10/2018 - 09:18:13 AM
Wonderful Little Kit
I had been wanting to build a set of these for some time. Fortunately, I finally got around to it. This kit is a great gateway to the wonderful sound of folded horns.

Assembly is pretty straightforward after a couple dry runs, but you'll want to sand all of your parts well. This includes the routed features in the side panels. Also, I found that using blue painter's tape to get everything aligned works really well especially with the small internal parts. Finally, use a glue with a long working time like Titebond III.

I went for the Sigma upgrade and have been running without the tweeter and after some hours listening; I decided to purchase the T90A tweeters just to add the sparkle to the upper end frequency response. Also, adding a DSP to the mix will give you a solid bottom end in a small room without the need for a subwoofer. I recommend 5dB boosts at 30Hz and 50Hz as a starting point. All in all; I'm very satisfied with this kit.

Reviewed by christian.konrad.bach
christian.konrad.bach bought "Fostex BK-16 Folded Horn Kit - Pair" on our website
06/03/2017 - 06:20:55 PM
bk16-kit with FE168E Sigma upgrade option
Took longer than expected to build them, in part because I took 3 coats total to them. At first disappointed by the sound (high mid-range was overemphasized and 'boomy'). But: After break-in these go into the record as the best sounding speakers I had, thus far.

- The wood-parts fit very well.
- As mentioned in the instructions of the kit - the more clamps, the better.
- Use tape to tape off the outside surfaces before gluing pieces. Otherwise you will see where glue penetrated the wood if you use a transparent finish. Same applies to the inside of the horn that you can see from the front. I learned that after building the first of the two.
- Box itself is rock-solid. Only surface that vibrates a little bit at very high volume is the front under the speaker.
- Surprisingly good reproduction of low frequencies. I am torn whether or not I should even attempt to add a subwoofer.
- The FE168E Sigma drivers look pretty solid to me.
Reviewed by tlaskows
tlaskows bought "Fostex BK-16 Folded Horn Kit - Pair" on our website
02/24/2016 - 06:22:38 AM
Amazing sound in this price range!
The best speakers I've heard to date. I've heard fancy really expensive systems that people unplug when they leave the house so that they don't get fried.

I was looking around for a kit for my custom built low power (3/4 watts per channel) SE tube amp. I knew that horn design was what I needed. I looked for a long time and the prices just seemed crazy. This price is actually a very good deal.

You need proper amp and source material for these or they will not sound they were supposed to. Right now I'm stuck going though a preamp straight from my Macbook Pro, the preamp to my custom amp then to the speakers. And this sounds the best (waiting for a new record player in the mail because the current one just doesn't sound right...). The loudness control is on on the preamp (it makes the speakers sound less 'flat' and more right with just the right amount of bass and highs). The bass is there, the mids are there, the high frequencies are there. My friend was just over yesterday listening to them for the fist time and he thought I had a subwoofer turned on! I said no, just properly designed speakers and drivers.

If you're buying this, you probably know what you're getting yourself into. It's a bit more complicated than assembling lego because of so many parts. You will also need a router or know someone who has one to make them look nice.

The speakers I compared them too are my semi-pro studio monitors which sound 'clinical' not musical, just the way they're supposed to. I rewired my whole car stereo because the stock system was 'not so good' and it sounds a lot better but not nearly close to these beauties.

These sound the most musical and reveal every detail in each song. I am pretty sure that I am not imagining it, because I heard stuff on these that I have not heard on any of my previous and current systems.

Will be keeping these for a very long time. I can listen to them all day and my ears do not get any fatigue.

The pre and post purchase customer support is great too!

You will not regret building these, unless you want to pay a whole lot more for something that will probably sound the same...
Reviewed by jeffjoseph1
03/25/2014 - 11:32:55 AM
Quality and Value
I bought these after my son recommended Fostex drivers and back loaded horn enclosures to pair with my new home made EL34 based tube amp. The efficiency is excellent and gives me a lot of sound for the 8 watts or so the amp puts out.

Construction is relatively easy. Do have at least 4 or 5 clamps (the quick clamp type are lighter and easier to handle when gluing). Put the kit together one piece at a time and check the left side fit each time.....

Frequency response is great and I dropped the idea of a tone control after playing my CD player direct through the power amp. Amazing sound. Definition and presence very very good.

For the price, even with shipping, these are a great value.
Reviewed by Seren2
09/26/2012 - 04:01:26 PM
Product review of BK16-KIT, 'This was my first attempt at building a speaker, kit or otherwise. This was definitely the right choice for a first time builder and was not difficult. I am using these with a 3 watt per channel tube amp and it is a great combo, and can get very loud. The sound is beyond what I expected, and I don’t believe available for this kind of money in a manufactured speaker. Crystal clear and detailed but not anesthetic. Superb mids and highs. It is easy to want to turn the volume up a bit with these, and with a bit more volume the lows fill out. The lows are detailed too; bass notes, not base tones. To Madisound’s credit: they advised me to go with the BK-20 for better/lower lows. This kit is a great value and unbeatable on the bang for the buck/price to performance scale.’ Review by Charles Mooradian. Posted by Madisound. <br> <br>

Product review of BK16-KIT, 'I have had these speakers for close to two years now and they are fantastic value for money. Even without the super tweeters, the speakers sound great, but with the super tweeters there is a lovely rich openness in the vertical sound stage. These was my first attempt at building a speaker kit and while I wouldn’t say it was dead easy, it was pretty straightforward, and the instructions were excellent. The speakers came out looking fantastic. Beautiful speakers with a wonderfully transparent sound. Thanks, Madisound.’ Review by Geoff Maloney. Posted by Madisound.
Reviewed by jefope4
05/24/2012 - 04:15:25 PM
This is the speaker kit to beat.
Hello. I was able to hear this speaker kit a few years back at the A.K. Fest show in 2008- 2009? That is when I meet larry the owner. He explained why he was carrying this kit and how pleased he was to show them off. I listened to them and that horn tweeter is the most natural sounding tweeter I have heard. The fullrange woofer was a very tuneful and natural and fast sounding driver. This speak is a very good deal and is a very good sounding as well. I would give it more stars but, I can only give it 5. So madisound again thanks for all you do. Jm