Fostex P1000-BH 4" Full Range Back-loaded Horn Kit - PAIR

Fostex P1000-BH 4" Full Range Back-loaded Horn Kit - PAIR
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Price: $255.00


Manufacturer: Fostex
Product ID : P1000-BH
Weight: 31.00 lbs
Manufacturer: Fostex
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Fostex P1000-BH 4" Full Range Back-loaded Horn Kit - PAIR

The P1000-BH is a back-loaded horn enclosure for Fostex 10cm full range speaker drivers. Enhanced bass is achieved by a well engineered horn structure.

The enclosure is ideally suited for the acclaimed FE103En speaker driver for superb sound quality. You can also try other drivers with a 92mm cut out hole. The cabinets are available for purchase without the drivers on the drop down menu.

Price shown includes a 10% discount on the drivers.

Each Fostex P1000-BH Kit Includes:
  • (2) FE103En 4" Full Range Drivers
  • (2) P1000-BH Folded Horn Enclosures
Features and Specifications
  • Back-loaded horn type enclosure box
  • Factory pre-installed gold plated binding posts (accept banana plugs, spades, raw speaker wire)
  • Speaker wire is already run from the input cup to the driver through hole
  • Includes internal wire and absorber material
  • Ready for mounting a speaker driver by the supplied screws
  • Measurements 145mm (5.7") wide  x 343mm (13.5") tall  x 216mm (8.5") deep
  • Material MDF t9 / t12 (side)
  • Cut out hole diameter is 94mm (3.7")
  • Maximum speaker depth is 48mm (1.89"), the damping pad will reduce this a few millimeters

Also availabe are the Kanspea P1000E and Kanspea P800E bass reflex speaker kits. 
Fostex P1000-BH with FE103En

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by christian.konrad.bach
christian.konrad.bach bought "Fostex P1000-BH 4" Full Range Back-loaded Horn Kit - PAIR" on our website
06/03/2017 - 06:29:16 PM
Fostex P1000-BH
I bought these since it took me a while to build me bk16's (see bk16-kit on this website).

- They do need a break-in period to increase reproduction at the low end.
- Very easy to listen to at both low and high volume and very loud if you want them to be. Definitely sufficient to make your eardrums ring in a smaller room.
- As to be expected from small diameter cones - limited bass. The bk16-kit (I took it with the Sigma driver upgrade) is better for larger rooms if you want to include a decent amount of bass.
- Definitely make for excellent sounding and nice looking computer speakers!
- Only drawback of these boxes is the limited bass, otherwise I would rate them 5/5!
Reviewed by kenratboy
kenratboy bought "Fostex P1000-BH 4" Full Range Back-loaded Horn Kit - PAIR" on our website
02/25/2017 - 12:10:43 PM
Exactly what I hoped it would be!
You are interested in buying this because it is a full-range speaker - and you are interested in a full-range driver for its strengths (and knowing its weaknesses). I am happy to report these speakers are going to confirm what you are hoping and expecting. Quick, light, transparent, detailed, etc. - sometimes startlingly so.

I first used these in a huge room (sitting about 10 feet away). Everything from 100Hz. and above was brilliant (especially the mids). However, in a large room, there is no bass, period. Don't buy these for a big room and expect bass. With a sub, they would be fine (even in a bigger room at moderate levels).

I then moved them to computer speaker use, sitting on a large desk. These really get into their element in a smaller room. You all of a sudden get more bass (guessing sitting on a desk helps the bass, possibly by coupling with the front horn opening?), and they are actually usable as full-range speakers (enough bass to keep it interesting).

Break-in is a controversial topic, and one I generally don't believe in (especially for things like...cables). However, it seems these speakers are totally and utterly bass-shy when new, and after 10 or so hours of moderate to heavy use, they start to open up. As such, give them time before passing judgement (mainly in the bass department, they sounded great from 100Hz. and above out of the box).

These speakers are also more sensitive than I expected, and play louder than I expected. However, the drivers look fragile, and I don't think they would take kindly to abuse (where a beefy 4" woofer could).

Conclusion - cheap, fun, and seriously good. Probably one of the more interesting speakers for the money.