Supra SWORD-ISL Interconnect with RCA (Pair)

Supra SWORD-ISL Interconnect with RCA (Pair)
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Price: $715.00


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Manufacturer: Supra Cables
Product ID : sword-isl-1m
Weight: 3.30 lbs
Manufacturer: Supra Cables
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SWORD-ISL Interconnect with 1M RCA (Pair)

Our best analogue interconnect, Supra’s flagships. Sword–ISL is an interconnect pair with Supra RCA-8 anniversary plugs, made for analogue applications. Semi-balanced for best performance.

Sword Patented Cable Design

Supra’s flagships, the Sword Interconnect and the Sword Loudspeaker cable, are of a patented cable design. The secret is the bifilar wound litz conductors, each comprising a number of individually insulated wires. The bifilar winding is built with 6 of these wires helically wound in one direction and 6 in the opposite direction. This divides the magnetic field into opposing directions resulting in self-cancellation. Because Sword’s conductors comprise a number of insulated wires, dynamic skin effect is cancelled. Sword behaves as a phase stable cable. The difference in phase shift from 500Hz to 100kHz is only 0.002 deg. This grants for a perfect timing.

Patent holder: Johnny Svärd.

What does it sound like?

Supra Sword passes the most complex music transients without any deformations. Signal delay is suddely the same at all musical frequencies. Therefore it vanishes, giving a clear 3-dimensional presence, a sure sign of the highest fidelity.

What is in the wooden boss?

In accordance with Supra’s Business Concept, No-nonsense Design, there is no mysterious components in the Mahogany wooden boss on the cable. You may call it a No Nonsense Boss. It has 3 functions.

1) Holds the pair together and you can slide the boss along the cables, depending on how you wish to spread the ends apart.

2) A decorative piece to put the name plate on.

3) To indicate the direction of the signal. See it as half an arrow and connect the signal in the arrow direction.

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