Froy MK3 Kit Pair - Parts Only

Froy MK3 Kit Pair - Parts Only
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Price: $1,565.00


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Manufacturer: Seas Excel
Product ID : froy
Weight: 27.50 lbs
Manufacturer: Seas Excel
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Froy MK3 Kit Pair
Price shown is for a PAIR and includes 10% discount.

Kit includes (4) Seas W15CY-001 woofers, (2) Seas T25CF-002 Millennium tweeters, (2) Premium Crossovers

The FROY Mk3 is a new and improved version of the original FROY kit; utilizing the latest drive unit technologies from the Excel product line. This kit uses two W15CY001 woofers and a single T25CF002 "MILLENNIUM" tweeter mounted in a D'Appolito configuration.

The FROY Mk3 was designed by Murray Zeligman, who also designed the original FROY kit. Each kit includes four Seas W15CY-001 woofers, two Seas T25CF-002 Millennium tweeters, and two fully-assembled custom crossovers. The Seas Froy MK3 is designed as a compact 10 liter two-way bookshelf D'Appolito bass reflex enclosure.

This system has the ability to discern the subtlest of musical information, at the same time giving an impression of bass that is far deeper and extended than one would imagine from a relatively small loudspeaker.

The cabinet is a bass reflex design with the vent placed in the rear. This directs any potential vent noises away from the listener, and allows for minimum baffle area in the front.

The port tube as designed is constructed of two MDF boards which also serve as additional bracing for the cabinet. In theory you could use a standard round Precision Port instead, but the external flare might be too large for the rear of the cabinet.

The crossovers use the Solen 14 awg coil and Solen caps on the woofer. The tweeter section uses the new ClarityCap CSA caps (we still have the older SA version pictured) and Mundorf MOX metal film resistors.

The crossover network is conventional except for a parallel circuit which suppresses the response peak due to the magnesium cone. The crossover frequency is 2.2kHz.


This graph below shows smooth midband response in the mid-80 decibel range with strong off-axis response from the tweeter and system impedance linear at 4 ohms.

The graph below shows the summed frequency response. Healthy bass, over 75 dB at 50 Hz.



The D'Appolito design, more commonly referred to as MTM configuration (mid-tweeter-mid) has withstood the test of time and has been the model for some of the world's finest sounding speakers. The Seas Froy MK3 model is a classic example of the MTM; a soft-sounding speaker with a wide and deep three-dimensional soundstage. Unlike many metal-cone woofers it does not sound forward or bright. The designer offers the following comments regarding the FROY MK3: "This system has the ability to discern the subtlest of musical information, and at the same time give an impression of bass that is far deeper and extended than one could even imagine."

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