Seas Odin Speaker Kit Pair- parts only

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Manufacturer: Seas Excel
Product ID : odin
Weight: 33.00 lbs
Manufacturer: Seas Excel
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Odin MK3 Speaker Kit

Premium MTM design using Seas Excel drivers in a bass reflex cabinet. Two W18 Excel magnesium cone woofers and the T25 Millennium fabric dome tweeter are mounted in a D'Appolito configuration. The D'Appolito configuration offers a number of advantages over standard single-woofer designs:

* Controlled vertical directivity in the midrange which reduces the effect of floor and ceiling reflections
* Excellent imaging and spatial characteristics
* Higher system sensitivity
* Lower distortion
* Increased bass output

The cabinet is designed with a minimum front baffle area to reduce diffraction effects. The port tube is constructed of two MDF boards which also serve as additional bracing for the cabinet. The port is placed in the middle of the cabinet and the port exit is to the rear. This technique ensures that each of the drive units will have symmetrical bass loading. The bass loading utilizes a sub-chebychev filter for minimum group delay.

The crossover network has been configurated to yield an acoustic 4th order Linkwitz-Riley crossover at 2.2kHz. The network also includes 2 L-C networks connected directly at the woofer terminals which eliminate the high frequency peak caused by the breakup mode of the magnesium cone. The tweeter crossover section includes equalization and impedance linearization networks.

The Odin produces a very accurate and detailed sound stage with superb imaging capabilities. Bass is solid and detailed with usable extension below 40Hz. The Odin is capable of revealing the good and bad aspects of both source material and the electronic components. It is recommended that a high quality amplifier with the capability of driving loads of 4 ohms or less be used with this system.

The Odin was designed in the USA by Murray Zeligman, president of Zeligman Electronic Labs. Mr. Zeligman is
an independent consultant with more than 25 years experience in the design of loudspeaker systems and audio amplifiers. He is responsible for a number of highly succesful commercial loudspeaker designs. This system was designed through extensive use of the LMS computer based simulation programs. Final "voicing" of the system was accomplished through extensive listening tests.

The kit includes a detailed PDF printout with instructions for assembly, including easy-to-read cabinet plans and installation of the accessories. Equivalent port to the 2-3/8" inside diameter by 7-3/4" long port would be 2.5" inside diameter by 8.25" long.


The drivers are mounted in a classic D'Appolito configuration. The cabinet is a bass reflex design with the vent placed in the rear. This directs any potential vent noises away from the listener, and allows for minimum baffle area in the front. The pvc port tube is supported by an internal baffle which helps maintain equal air flow on each end of the tube, and also serves as additional cabinet bracing. The port tuning frequency is 31Hz.

Crossover details:

The crossover network is conventional except for a parallel circuit which suppresses the response peak due to the magnesium cone. The crossover frequency is 2.5kHz. We are building these exclusively with high-end parts: Goertz Copper Foil inductor on the woofer section, Clarity CSA and Bennic Polypropylene capacitors, and Mundorf resistors (please note the picture shows the older ESA-version crossovers).

Upgrade further to Mundorf Supreme on the hi-pass via the pull-down menu.

Optional Accessories Package:

2x Bennic TD Bi-Wire Terminal Cups

10' Foam Tape for gasketing

2x 27" x 42" Foam Sheets

1x 16 oz. of Acousta-stuff

32x #8 x1" Pan Head Screws

8x #6x 3/4" Oval Head Screws

15' Supra Classic 1.6 cable

36" Solder

Designer comments:

The Odin was originally designed for Seas by Dr. Joseph D'Appolito, and was developed as a companion kit to the Thor transmission line system. He offers the following comments regarding the performance of the Odin MK3:

"The vented box is tuned about 15% lower than the ubiquitous QB3 alignment to yield a better damped bass response. Several hundred hours of laboratory testing and listening have gone into this system. You literally can't tell where the woofers leave off and the tweeter begins."

Want custom cabinets built?

Many of our cabinets can be custom built by Lee Taylor & Co. of Philmont NY. Please follow the link below to Lee's website and discuss veneer options and pricing. Lee can also put your speakers together for an additional fee.

For over twenty years Lee has been building speaker enclosures for speaker companies, kit builders, experimenters and designers. Using veneer presses for veneering, never paper backed or contact cement. His finishing facilities and extensive shop capabilities create the very finest quality work. Each detail, from cutting in drivers, bracing, veneering to joinery: “drop dead gorgeous” (Stereophile). Customer's frequent responses are: “your work is amazing!," and "I’m shocked, astonished and delighted.”

Single kits may be ordered for half the pair price.

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