ScanSpeak Discovery D2606/9220, 1" Textile Dome Tweeter

ScanSpeak Discovery D2606/9220, 1" Textile Dome Tweeter
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Price: $50.70


  • Buy 10 - 10,000 and get an additional 10 % off
Manufacturer: ScanSpeak
Product ID : d2606_9220
Weight: 1.50 lbs
Manufacturer: ScanSpeak
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ScanSpeak Discovery D2606/9220, 1" Textile Dome Tweeter

  • High Performance 1" Tweeter
  • Chambered back
  • Vented pole piece
  • Tinsel lead wires
  • Linear response front plate
  • Replaceable voice coil assembly
  • Low Damping Ferrofluid Cooling with High Stability
  • Double chamber version for lower Fs
  • Neutral Design
  • Made in Denmark

This is the Danish version of the Classic Vifa D27TG35-06, now made in Denmark by Scan-speak.  The Discovery series offer traditional design, superior sound, a solid construction, and a wide range of variants. Combining these elements - plus a wealth of technical features and finesses - it gives our customers the possibility of acquiring a tailor-made Scan-Speak solution with very good performance at a reasonable low price point!

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by brudrich5
03/18/2019 - 02:18:46 PM
Tweeter Swap
I have owned a pair of Definitive Technology BP-7001's since 2006. I have thoroughly enjoyed using them in my home theatre system and well as listening to music (CD's and SACD's). The tweeters always seemed toooooo bright, sharp and harsh to me and especially for listening for long periods of time. I pulled one of the original aluminum dome tweeters out to see if I could find an Ohm and Wattage rating. Unfortunately, there were no specs on the tweeter. I called Definitive Technology and a tech guy told me they were 6 Ohm tweeters. He highly discouraged me from using any aftermarket tweeter, as I was interested in going with a soft dome tweeter. His point was that Definitive Technology spent $$$$$$ determining what tweeter to mate with the 4x mid-range speakers.

I had looked for a 6 Ohm tweeter with the following key dimensions that were taken from the original aluminum dome tweeter.......100mm flange, 4mm thick flange and 78mm for the back side cut-out. I was never able to find a drop in tweeter that would fit. Most flanges are 104 to 110mm or either too small (less than 100mm). I decided to pull the plug and buy 4x of these 104mm ScanSpeak Discovery D2606/9220 tweeters. My goal was to grind off 2mm on the circumference edges all around the outer edges, to get them to 100mm. Long story short......after the grinding, they fit perfectly in the recessed cut-out area. I did have to drill four new holes, as the original holes did not match up. The original wire connects fit perfectly onto the (+) and (-) connectors on the ScanSpeak tweeters.

Got them all hooked up and fired them up. OMG.....I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I had 5 of my favorite songs picked out (all SACD's) and played them 3 times each before pulling the original tweeters out..........then I installed the new ScanSpeak tweeters and the rest was HISTORY!!! It literally brought my speakers alive, with a more natural, softer, smoother sound. The difference between the original tweeters and the aftermarket were incredible and overwhelming. Now I can hardly wait to go back and listen to more music and especially when my wife is out of the house so that I can crank the speakers up. These are remarkable tweeters and especially for my application. I had thought about selling these speakers, but now with the upgraded MOD, I keeping them until I blow them or they just simply die. 5 Star rating for these tweeters!!!
Reviewed by woplus69
05/14/2015 - 10:48:21 PM
Nice Tweeter/Nice Price
Scan Speaks version of the popular Vifa model certainly seems to be a nice improvement. Used this tweeter in an MTM speaker build with some OOP but like new 7" Vifa woofers. I have to say it was a nice matchup. These tweeters plot flat, are easy to work with and produce well detailed clean sound. They are a very nice improvement over the Vifa model. If your looking for a quality tweeter at a decent price, this is one to consider