Seas L26ROY 10" Powered Subwoofer Kit

Seas L26ROY 10" Powered Subwoofer Kit
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Price: $651.12


Manufacturer: Seas Design
Product ID : L26ROY-KIT
Weight: 32.00 lbs
Manufacturer: Seas Design
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Seas L26ROY 10" Powered Subwoofer Kit 

Kit pricing reflects at least a 10% discount on all parts

Free shipping to continental U.S.

Kit includes SEAS L26ROY 10" Aluminum Cone Woofer + SPEAKER POWER SP1-300 subwoofer amplifier + Accessories Package, all with a 10% discount

The Seas L26ROY is widely considered one of the most musical and dynamic woofer/ subwoofers available. It has established itself as a top choice among our most discerning customers. In addition to true hi-fi sound quality, the L26ROY is built like a tank, allowing it to anchor even the highest demand systems.

Blending the L26ROY Kit into your stereo system is a breeze thanks to the Speaker Power line of subwoofer plate amplifiers.

The Seas L26ROY 10" Aluminum Cone Woofer is suitable for both a bass reflex enclosure using a 3" diameter port, or combined with the matching SL26R passive radiator. Both options include the Speaker Power amplifier - the perfect mate to this excellent bass driver! This kit is a perfect complement to high end 2-channel hi-fi and home theater systems.

Speaker Lab Amplifiers
We've paired the L26 sub with the new Speaker Lab Subwoofer amplifiers made in California USA. Features include:
  • Switchable ON-Auto-OFF/12V trigger.
  • Auto on with signal applied
  • 12V trigger turn on.
  • 3.5mm minijack input and output. 
  • Rotary controls: Gain, LF Adjust, Crossover, Delay
  • Inputs: 2 x RCA summing, XLR in and out
Since 2002, SpeakerPower has been helping loudspeaker manufacturers become powered speaker manufacturers. We proudly count many of the industry's leading names among our customers. Our product line has expanded over the years to include the highest power amplifier modules available, full-featured remote control and monitoring, and digital audio networking. In the years to come, we are committed to meeting the needs of our customers for reliable, cutting edge products.

Why use SpeakerPower?

There are many unique benefits to working with SpeakerPower:
  • Designed, assembled and tested in Santa Ana California. The 2400W-6000W amplifiers are made entirely with local vendors and qualify for MADE IN USA.
  • Lead times are short. Amplifiers are built to order as you need them. Quantity commitments are small.
  • Custom faceplates, silkscreens and other features are easily accommodated.
  • Some models have UL/CSA approval as a standalone product. This means you don't have to pay for an expensive UL investigation, quarterly inspections of your manufacturing, calibration of test equipment etc etc. The combination cUL mark is already screened on the faceplate.
  • SpeakerPower has over 30 years experience designing and manufacturing loudspeakers and amplifiers for some of the biggest names in the business.
So while piecing together your own amp may appear to be less expensive, when you consider the total cost of time to market, UL/CSA, inventory, engineering etc you will find the SpeakerPower turnkey solution to be very competitive.

 Ported Bass Reflex Version:

Included in Ported Bass Reflex Version of Kit:

The L26ROY in a bass reflex alignment is a great choice for most applications. You can count on very good low end extension and exceptional impact. The enclosure size is also relatively small for a subwoofer of this caliber. The 3" Precision Flared Port greatly reduces potential port noise when played at high levels. 

Passive Radiator Version:

Included In Passive Radiator Version of Kit:

The L26ROY combined with the SL26R will also provide excellent low end extension while also affording an even more compact enclosure. This alignment increases power handling and overall output potential. The use of a passive radiator eliminates any potential air turbulence noise when playing at high output levels.


Additional parts to consider:

(3-4) Tip-Toes or (4) Rubber Feet



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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by gloffs
gloffs bought "Seas L26ROY 10" Powered Subwoofer Kit" on our website
04/22/2014 - 01:00:44 PM
Seas L26ROY Subwoofer Kit
Recently I purchased this subwoofer kit. I had to buy L26ROY Subwoofer from another provider in Europe because shipment from the USA to Russia is too expensive. Anyway the parts have arrived and I assembled subwoofer wih passive radiator.
I finished construction of the subwoofer a few days ago and during these few days I have been feeling a lot of happiness for making the right purchase. This subwoofer sounds awesome! I use it only for music with my Hi Fi system: PMS speakers designed by Troels Gravesen which unfortunately do not produce deep bass. By purchasing the kit and constructing the subwoofer I have successfully solved the problem of lack of deep bass.
This subwoofer nicely blends with my main speakers. Keiga subwoofer amplifier does its job beautifully. I set the filter on subwoofer amplifier at 50 Hz because I found this setting to be the best in my situation.
The subwoofer is very musical. I did not find any problem with speed and overall intergration with my main speakers. So I highly recommend this kit to anyone thinking about constructing a high quality subwoofer for Hi End of Hi Fi stereo system.

Reviewed by bought "Seas L26ROY 10" Powered Subwoofer Kit" on our website
10/27/2012 - 05:46:31 PM
Very pleased with this kit
I built this kit primarily to provide the sub component in a 5.1 HT setup. The HT setup consists of 4 ZA-5.2 2-way kits and the matching MTM ZA-5.2 kit driven by a mid-range Yamaha HT receiver (RX-V473). Having exactly zero previous experience with sub-woofers (aside from the unwanted experience of obnoxious car audio systems), I was extremely pleased to see how much adding this component improved my stereo music listening. The 300W amplifier is, of course, complete overkill for most people who have normal hearing range. Electric and acoustic double bass notes come out beautifully. I've heard notes in a number organ recordings that were completely beyond the range of my 2-way floor standers which have fairly decent bass extension. I built a custom box with an fb and f3 at 28 Hz, 48 l enclosure and a 29 cm long 3" diameter port (same flared port used in the kit). You don't need much power to drive this subwoofer for normal music listening in a good sized room.

As for its use in HT, I certainly have no complaints, and I would certainly never want any more power than what this driver provides. For the cost of the kit and materials (and if you view the time spent building the box as fun), then there is no comparison I'm sure to any available fully assembled sub-woofer out there. Build your box heavy and very well screwed and glued!

I have only one problem. I had to defeat the grounding pin on the amplifier to prevent ground loop noise when hooked up to my receiver which is located at the end of a 60' shielded line running through my attic. Obviously you DO NOT WANT TO DO THIS for any extended length of time. I'm still trying to find a way to break the ground loop... probably a problem with the receiver grounding (chassis is floating by design) rather than the sub amplifier itself.