WBT-0114CU Nextgen Copper RCA

WBT-0114CU Nextgen Copper RCA
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Price: $44.00


Manufacturer: WBT
Product ID : WBT-0114CU
Weight: 1.00 lbs
Manufacturer: WBT
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WBT-0114CU Nextgen Copper RCA Connector- Solder version

The WBT-0114 is a replacement for the WBT-0144 classic connector. It is constructed of Ultramid® and available in nine different colors for multi-channel identification. The barrel is made of brass and finished in a matte black galvanized finish. The contact elements are made of high-purity copper, second only to silver, in order to ensure optimum signal transmission. Conductor metal is nickel free and gold plated to protect the surface from oxidation and to ensure contact quality.

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The clamping mechanism, which works in the same way as the chuck device in a drill, firmly clamps the outer contact against the RCA socket. The high clamping pressure not only guarantees a secure connection but also minimises transition resistance. In addition, any size variation in the outer contact of a socket is compensated for, thereby ensuring a perfect fit. The clamping sleeve is designed with two sections so that the front section moves freely as the rear section is turned. This eliminates the risk of torsional strain on the contact elements.

The central pin is slotted and ideally formed thereby giving a firm yet elastic contact which ensures lasting and reliable electrical connection with absolutely minimal transition resistance. The metal parts are made from a special copper alloy and are 24 carat gold-plated to prevent oxidation, which could negatively impact on contact quality.

The insulation within the connector is made from heat resistant Teflon*, a distinct advantage when soldering connection cables, particularly when working with the higher soldering temperatures of lead-free solder. WBT recommends the surface friendly silver solder WBT-0800 (see also solder connection).

When combined with WBT RCA sockets, the contacts are positioned in such a way that the outer conductor is in contact before the inner conductor, thereby preventing undesirable or even harmful voltage peaks. A Torx screw provides reliable cable strain relief on the cable.

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Cable diameter: up to 9 mm
Wellenwiderstand (typ.): 75 Ohm
Connection technology: soldering (WBT silver solder)
Kennung: red, white or yellow
Empfohlenes Werkzeug:
  • Torx T.6 wrench WBT-0488
  • Torque screwdriver WBT-0481 
for professional OEM mounting

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