Zaph|Audio ZRT 2-Way, Revelator Tower Parts Only - PAIR

Zaph|Audio ZRT 2-Way, Revelator Tower Parts Only - PAIR
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Price: $1,019.00


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Manufacturer: Zaph Audio
Product ID : zrt
Weight: 18.00 lbs
Manufacturer: Zaph Audio
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ZRT 2-Way,  Zaph|Audio Revelator Tower - Parts Only - Pair
Price shown is for a PAIR

Madisound and Zaph Audio are pleased to bring you the Zaph Revelator Tower. The ZRT is raising the bar for easy to build high-end speaker kits. Once again, we would like to thank John Krutke for his design work and overall contribution to DIY speaker building. Full documentation of this design can be found on Zaph Audio.

The ZRT is an extremely versatile premium speaker kit utilizing Scan-Speak Revelator drivers. The 2-Way configuration is designed for ported use in the Madisound MD38T tower cabinet. In addition to a ported MD38T, the ZRT 2-Way is also suitable for a sealed alignment in the Madisound MD20 cabinet.

The tweeter used is the Scan-Speak “AirCirc” D3004/6600. This is the latest and most advanced release from the famous Revelator tweeter line. The mid/bass driver is the Scan-Speak 18W/8531G. This 7” slit paper cone driver is widely considered one of the best mid/bass units in existence. The combination of these drivers and Zaph’s design expertise has yielded a world-class speaker system.

Two crossover options are available for the ZRT 2-Way Kit. Both options use Eagle metal oxide resistors for the tweeter, air core inductors in parallel tweeter circuits and a Bennic polypropylene capacitor in the parallel woofer circuit. The woofer and tweeter crossovers come assembled, with each mounted on their own Matrix and 149B circuit boards. This allows for bi-amp/bi-wiring if desired, and flexibility in cabinet placement.

  • The standard crossover uses: ClarityCap CSA capacitors in series tweeter circuit, Solen Fast Cap in parallel tweeter circuit, and Sledgehammer Steel Laminate inductor in series woofer circuit.
  • The upgraded crossover uses: ClarityCap CSA capacitors in series tweeter circuit, Solen Fast Cap in parallel tweeter circuit, and Goertz Copper Foil 14 AWG or 12 AWG inductor in the series woofer circuit.
[Please note the older-style SA capacitors are depicted in the picture]

If there is a specific combination of premium parts (Madisound stock only) that you would like to use for this crossover, please contact us by email with that parts list for a quote. The crossover parts we use are a good choice in this application and provide excellent results, but we will of course accomodate to your own taste. A ZRT 2.5 Way version is also available with an additional 18W/8531G mid/bass driver. This configuration can be done in a sealed MD38T tower cabinet, or ported in your own larger cabinet. See Zaph Audio for more details.

The ZRT 2-Way Kit includes:

  • (2) D3004/6600 “AirCirc” Tweeters
  • (2) 18W/8531G  7” Revelator Woofers
  • (2) Assembled Crossovers - Standard  

Optional ZRT 2-Way Accessories Package includes:

You may select this accessories package along with kit purchase, or buy your parts individually. Kit discount only applies to this accessories package, not individual parts purchases. Kit pricing reflects a 10% discount to all drivers and accessories.

Want custom cabinets built?

Many of our cabinets can be custom built be Lee Taylor & Co of Philmont NY.  Please follow this link to Lee's website and discuss veneer options and pricing.  Lee can also put your speakers togeter for an additional fee.

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by wdbailey45
wdbailey45 bought "Zaph|Audio ZRT 2-Way, Revelator Tower Parts Only - PAIR" on our website
04/19/2018 - 07:15:28 PM
A great replacement for my Maggies
I was hoping for a speaker lessing imposing of appearance and a bit easier to place than my Magneplanar MG 1.6QR's. The ZRT's exceeded my expectations.
They are more transparent and detailed than the MG 1.6 and have a somewhat better defined bass. The ZRT's are very neutral in sound with clear, extended highs and no excessive upper bass/lower mid-range warm, (as is a common fault).
I when for the 14 ga. air-core transformer option in the low pass filter. Since the Madisound 38 liter tower cabinets are no longer available, (unfortunately), I settled on 33 liter towers from another source, and adjusted the vent length using a Bass Box Pro calculation with great success.
I highly recommend the Zaph Audio ZRT's and the Madisound parts.
Reviewed by HeartFixr
HeartFixr bought "Zaph|Audio ZRT 2-Way, Revelator Tower Parts Only - PAIR" on our website
06/22/2015 - 12:42:59 PM
I made the 2-way (bookcase sized) speaker about one year ago and have been astounded at how accurate and enjoyable they are. Absolutely no regrets and would highly recommend them to anyone. Audiophile friends have listened to them and have been very complimentary.
Reviewed by xyrium
10/07/2013 - 10:20:32 AM
Astounding for the price...
I assembled these using a PE 20 liter cab in a sealed config. I bought the standard xover, and the modified nearfield config. Both yielded fantastic results.

Recently, I was in the market for a new nearfield monitor. So, I had these and a pair of Focal Solo6 monitors running side by side off of my Driverack 260. Overall, the Focals had a slightly better centered image, but the ZRTs outclassed the Focals in everything else, including LF extension.

In a higher quality cabinet, I'd suggest that they'd be even more impressive. Great design from a good guy and a fantastic reseller. Highly recommended!
Reviewed by Seren2
09/28/2012 - 10:55:04 AM
'It took all winter to build the one and half inch cabinets for the ZRTs. I used Baltic Birch and MDF laminated together and beveled the sides to the front to keep volume and baffle width correct. To make a long story short my EPOS have been given away to my sister. The ZRTs side by side to the EPOS absolutely blew the EPOS away, not even fair. The ZRTs were not even broke in and smoked the EPOS. I have listened to the ZRTs now since March and they are a joy with any type of music. I have had Klipsch Heresy, Magnepans and EPOS and I won't be looking for speakers again- totally delighted. Also thanks for the Technical advice and helping me make a decision to build the ZRTs. Thanks again, a great winter project.' Review by James Knuth. Posted by Madisound.
Reviewed by Seren2
09/28/2012 - 10:54:35 AM
'I purchased the ZRT kit in 2009 and have been listening to them for over a year now. This is an outstanding 2-way monitor and the best set of speaks in my somewhat speaker-heavy house. Very highly recommended and you should definitely read the entire ZRT design on Zaph's Website and adjust the voicing to your own personal preference. I like this so much they are getting custom pentagonal column enclosures with 1" thick material and an exotic wood finish. The Mad cabinets are great value for the money but I think this kit deserves something more : ) Amazing bass, very clear and neutral through the whole range, and the 6600Aircirc tweeter has to be heard to be believed. Cheers / Robert' Review by Robert Bantly. Posted by Madisound.