Uluwatu - SB Acoustics Tower Speaker Kit - Pair

Price: $487.00


Manufacturer: SB Acoustics
Product ID : Uluwatu-Kit-Pair
Weight: 48.00 lbs
Manufacturer: SB Acoustics
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The Uluwatu - SB Acoustics 2.5-Way Tall Tower Speaker Kit - Pair

Named after the stunning beaches of Bali, the Uluwatu is a high sensitivity & high spl design utilizing six 5" midbass drivers and one 1" ring dome tweeter per speaker. 

We again extend our gratitude to Curt Campbell for his design work and overall contribution to the DIY speaker building community. 

Full documentation on this design can be found on Curt's website.

Each Kit Includes:

(12) SB13PFC25-08 5" Paper Cone Woofers
(2) SB29RDCN-C000-4 1" Neo Magnet Ring Dome Tweeters
(2) Professionally Assembled Crossovers (info & schematic)

Optional Accessories Package Includes:

(2) 4" Flared Ports - outside flare + connecting ring + inside flare
(40ft) Supra Classic 1.6 internal hookup wire
(4.5lb) Acousta-Stuf internal damping material
(28) Quick Connects for woofers & tweeters - woofers use QC187R & QC110B, tweeters use QC110R & QC110B
(56) Socket Head screws - 48 pcs OXSOCKET8X1, 8 pcs OXSOCKET6X3_4

Price shown includes at least a 10% discount on all drivers and accessories.

Discounted Binding Posts/Input Cups are also available with from the drop down menu.

Speaker Cabinet Dimensions:

47" tall! x 8.5" wide x 15" deep (cabinet plans)

SB29RDCN-C000-4 Ring Dome Tweeter & SB13PFC25-08 Paper Cone Woofer

High frequency reproduction is anchored by the SB29RDCN-C000-4 1" Neo Magnet Ring Dome Tweeter. This flagship tweeter of the SB has the required sensitivity and power handling to hold its own with six midbass drivers. Additionally, its smooth extended response and low distortion truly qualify it as a world class tweeter.

From their recently introduced lower price/high performance PFC line, SB Acoustics hit one out of the park with the SB13PFC25-08 5" Paper Cone Woofer. This quickly became a go-to for the discerning builder, providing everything we have come to expect from SB in a truly budget friendly package.  

Assembled Crossover

Madisound professionally assembled Uluwatu crossovers use high quality parts throughout. Each channel is mounted on a MatrixDouble inlaid copper circuit board. All parts are terminated with silver solder. The woofer section includes Sledgehammer SL 15 awg  & Sidewinder 16 awg coils. The tweeter cap is a ClarityCap PX. All parts hold to the exact values of the design. This crossover board requires you to solder speaker wires to the designated points on the circuit board, as specified in the included hookup sheet.

Multiple capacitor upgrade options are available from the drop down menu above.

*Single Uluwatu Kits are available for 1/2 the price of a pair.*

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Reviewed by seantosz
seantosz bought "Uluwatu - SB Acoustics Tower Speaker Kit - Pair" on our website
11/26/2014 - 08:48:04 AM
Very Happy
I finished my build of this and my initial reactions are positive. Got these setup at my coffee shop and they are show stoppers. I chose these because of the visual presence, slim dimensions and ability to placed against the wall. The high SPL level performance is very satisfying. It will keep climbing into higher decibels without distortion. The bass is very controlled and clear. Upright/Double basses in jazz and rockabilly never sounded better. Wonderful hifi performance that doubles as a party system.