Scan-Speak Revelator B1371 Speaker Kit by Peter Noerbaek - Pair

Scan-Speak Revelator B1371 Speaker Kit by Peter Noerbaek - Pair
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Price: $3,465.00


Manufacturer: ScanSpeak
Product ID : B1371
Weight: 65.00 lbs
Manufacturer: ScanSpeak
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ScanSpeak Revelator B1371 3-Way Speaker Kit by Peter Noerbaek

Price shown is for a PAIR

This latest in the coveted line of speaker kits from PBN Audio is already making waves within the audiophile community – and rightly so. Featuring superlative drivers from ScanSpeak, an international leader in the realm of high-end sound systems, these elegantly simple and lustrously gorgeous speakers define the most basic premise of stereophonic excellence: It’s all about what you hear. PBN Audio has devoted decades of engineering prowess to designing systems that completely serve the music. The B1371 delivers on that promise.

The B1371 incorporates three of the latest cutting edge drivers from the Revelator line. Holding down bass duty is the robust 32W/4878T-01 13", Scan-Speaks most powerful woofer to date. Midrange is covered by the high efficiency 18M/4631T 7" sliced paper cone mid driver. High frequency reproduction is carried by the top of the line D2908/7140 1"Beryllium dome tweeter.

Scan-Speak B1371 PDF Brochure

Each B1371 Kit Includes:

  • (2) D2908/7140 1" Beryllium Dome Tweeters
  • (2) 18M/4631T 7" Midrange Drivers
  • (2) 32W/4878T-01 13" Woofers
  • (2) Professionally Assembled Crossovers (details below)

Optional Accessories Package Includes:

  • (2) TD-CUP - Dual binding post input cup
  • (20ft) Supra Classic 2.5 - 13 awg tinned oxygen free copper internal speaker wire (mid, woofer, x-overs)
  • (12ft) Supra Classic 1.6 - 15 awg tinned oxygen free copper internal speaker wire (tweeter)
  • (1.5lb) Acousta-Stuf - fluff & fill mid chamber & behind woofer
  • (4pcs) Foam Sheet - cut & line internal walls
  • (1) GOOP - adhesive for foam sheet
  • (6) QC205B Quick Connects - for - tweeter & input cup tabs
  • (6) QC205R - for + tweeter & input cup tabs
  • (4) QC250B - for - mid & woofer tabs
  • (4) QC250R - for + mid & woofer tabs
  • (22) OXSOCKET8X1 - mount tweeter & mid to baffle
  • (18) OXSOCKET10X1 - mount woofer to baffle
  • (8) OX6OVAL3/4 - mount input cup to cabinet
  • (24) OX6PAN3/4 - mount crossover inside cabinet
  • (1pc) Kester silver solder - solder wires to crossovers (mandatory), drivers & input cup (optional)
Price shown includes a discount on all drivers and accessories package.

  • 3-Way Floor Standing Tower
  • Cabinet Dimensions: 40" tall x 14" wide x 16" deep
  • Sensitivity: 93 db
  • Impedance: 4 ohm
  • Frequency Response: 30 Hz (-3db) to 40 kHz
  • Crossover Frequencies: 200 Hz / 2.2 khz
Kit pricing shown includes a discount on all drivers and accessories package. Crossovers are available for seperate purchase from the drop down menu.

Assembled Crossover Information

Madisound hand assembles each crossover to order. We use premium parts throughout to compliment these incredible Revelator drivers. All parts are terminated with 3% silver solder to our silver tinned copper circuit boards.

The series tweeter circuit comes standard with ClarityCap CSA capacitors, with an upgrade option to Mundorf MCap Supreme caps also available. The shunt circuit uses a Solen FastCap for the large 150 mfd value required. 

The series midrange circuit comes standard with ClarityCap PX capacitors run in parallel to achieve the required 120 mfd & 220 mfd values. The upgrade option available is ClarityCap CSA capacitors. The main series inductor is a Goertz Copper Foil 0.75mH 14 awg.

The series woofer circuit utilizes ultra low resistance Sledgehammer 15 awg Steel Laminate inductors. 

Please note the crossover boards are large: (3) 11" x 5.6", (1) 9.55" x 4" per speaker. Take this in consideration when constructing your cabinets, make sure to allocate space for them inside.

Crossovers are also available for purchase seperately (select from the drop down menu above).

*Pictures of tweeter crossover shows now retired ESA line. Standard crossover is now built with the highly regarded CSA line. 


Crossover Schematic

B1371 Crossover
Cabinet Plans 

Pictures of B1371 Cabinet During Construction (PDF)

Note: Front Baffle is 1"+ 3/4" 

D2908/7140 Tweeter

18M/4631T 7" Midrange

32W/4878T-01 13" Woofer

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