Eton 12-212/C8/62 Symphony II 12" Hexacone Woofer

Eton 12-212/C8/62 Symphony II 12" Hexacone Woofer
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Price: $535.55


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Manufacturer: Eton
Product ID : 12-212
Weight: 16.00 lbs
Manufacturer: Eton
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Eton 12" HEXACONE Woofer 12-212/C8/62 Kevlar Symphony II (Formerly 12-680/62 Hex)

Spec sheet: Eton 12-212/C8/62

12“ Bass driver primary for sub and 3-way application, 3-layer Hexacone Sandwich cone, equipped with an excellent deep-bass reproduction, fast and high dynamical bass reproduction, high power handling.

A woofer for the most demanding bass constructions. Good output and equipped with large performance reserves, the loudspeaker is recommended for large loudspeaker systems.

Employed as subwoofer or in a living room multimedia installation, it is even impressive in solo operation.

Eton 12-212/C8/62 HEX Suggested Box Alignments

  • 1.0 cubic foot sealed with 20% fill for an f3 of 60Hz
  • 2.2 cubic feet with 3" diameter vent by 9" long for f3 of 37Hz
  • 2.7 cubic feet with 3" diameter vent by 8" long for f3 of 35Hz

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by Seren2
09/26/2012 - 02:49:07 PM
Product review of 12-680, 'Well I set out to build a sort of no compromise 3 way tower systems. I had mids from Madisound from years past in storage in new condition, and a set of tweeters. The tweeters and mids are Dynaudio Esotec 17wLQ and D260 ESOTEC. My goal was to mate a lower end section that would complement the quickness, openness and accuracy of the Dynaudio’s in the 3 way tower. The tower is about 4 feet tall, internally sub-dived, weight is about 205 lbs I spoke with Josh and he had told me the Eton was the driver to use in my system. I paid to have the team design a nice set of boards to incorporate all the drivers. We settled on a design that is bi-amp capable and the woofer taking about 2/3 the cabinet volume. The lower end section was designed with 2 4” ports to tune the woofer to the enclosure. Better caps and coils used on 2 separate large boards. (great JOB) Well sparing pages of details, I can say having used dozens of other 12” drivers in the past, that this is a true woofer, not a sub. No boom in the chest and distorted bass, just clear precise fast, tight bass from 30-500 Hz as it should be. Yes it will still make substantial low notes and rumble the walls, but I have a separate 27 cubic ft cabinet for the 40hz and down stuff. So how does it sound? This woofer seems to be the tightest, fastest most accurate bass driver I have ever used! It is fairly power efficient so far as the rest of the drivers go in my system. The sound stage seems to come from the speaker, or to explain better, like it is just there, you don’t get a feeling of a separate woofer, midrange, tweeter etc. Just a very musical system. The Eton’s deliver quickness, tightness I have never heard when listening to bass guitars, kick drums, bass drums and the like. I would say it is like how a fine tweeter delivers the separation, openness and clarity to provide a perfect sound stage wrapped into a woofer. I never knew you could get a bass speaker that would influence the total sound as much as the Eton does! I have owned other name brand speakers costing will over $7k each, and I can say that these leave nothing out and excel over anything costing 2-3 times what my 3-ways cost to create. They are so clear, fast, and accurate and built like a TANK! Yes the Eton 12s is on the pricy side, but they are pure quality. I am glad I listened to Josh and did not compromise and chose the Eton’s. You won’t be sorry. PS the folks at Madisound are 1st class and offer customer service not seen at this level since he 60s IMOP. Thanks guys!' Review by Dave Wilson. Posted by Madisound.