Seas Prestige FU10RB H1600-04 4" Full Range

Price: $66.50


Manufacturer: Seas Prestige
Product ID : H1600-04
Weight: 1.00 lbs
Manufacturer: Seas Prestige
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Seas Prestige FU10RB-H1600-04 4" Full Range 

Spec Sheet: Seas Prestige FU10RB H1600-04 Full Range

The FU10RB is an 4” full range driver offering an extraordinary performance and sound clarity. New Curv cone, a woven polypropylene with excellent internal damping together with perfectly matched moving parts gives a smooth, extended frequency response. The large, open weave fabric spider reflects very little acoustic energy to the cone, and offers excellent stiffness linearity. A stiff and stable injection moulded aluminum chassis keeps the critical components in perfect alignment. The pole piece is prolonged forwards and equipped with a deep drawn copper cap to ensure excellent linearity in the force factor and coil inductance. Small size combined with an excellent performance makes this driver the perfect election for any application where limited space is a critical parameter.

Suggested alignments:

1.5 to 2.5 liters sealed with 20% filling (0.05 to 0.09 cubic feet)
F3 would be from 106Hz in the 1.5 liter to 99Hz in the 2.5 liter.  

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by chrlsflwrs
02/28/2013 - 06:33:07 PM
Awesome on instruments and vocals
I bought these to use as replacement dash speakers in my highly customized auto system. They are pretty small and required only minor dash hacking, er.. 'custom installation' in order to fit.
I broke them in for about a week in an makeshift enclosure (shoe box with holes cut for them). They do open up a good bit after break in. I would recommend this.
They replaced a set of morel tweeters, which are quite nice, but didnt play low enough to bring much 'sound staging' up into the dash and windshield area. I find most 'component sets' that are installed with the mid/woofer low in the door, the normal factory place, are not really able to provide adequate imaging or staging. THink about it, most of the vocals and instrument fundamentals, are down in the 400-2500 freq range. That's what most mids cover. They do a good job entertaining your feet and calves, not so much your head (which is where most peoples ears are) Then they hand off to the tweeter, usually up on the front pillar or dash, which plays the rest of the highs. NOt an ideal set up.
So now i have my mids crossed about 300 with these Seas handling the rest from up in the dash. The difference is obvious immediately and for the better. They really shine on vocals, male and female. I find that I can make out lyrics that, for years, i was unaware of what was being sung. They are great with bass guitar notes and harmonics. Do ok with a little drums in them as well.
I did find that they have an upper end tilt, you can see it in their graph. I tamed it with eq. In other installations, i have used a simple coil to add a 6db low pass starting where the freq starts to get out of hand, it works surprisingly well. Dont buy the cheapest coil, but dont break the bank either.
If you can make them work, i say give them a shot.

PS Madisound ships stuff very quickly, also recommended,