Scanspeak Illuminator D3004/6640-00 1" Tweeter Beryllium Dome

Price: $479.20


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Manufacturer: ScanSpeak
Product ID : d3004_6640-00
Weight: 1.44 lbs
Manufacturer: ScanSpeak
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Scanspeak Illuminator D3004/6640-00 1" Tweeter Beryllium Dome

  • Beryllium Diaphragm (99% Pure Be)
  • Patented Symmetrical Drive (SD-2) motor
  • Black Rubber Painted Die Cast Faceplate
  • AirCirc Motor Design with 6 Neodymium magnets
  • Large Roll Surround f. Wide Dispersion
  • Non-Magnetic Sound Transparent Protective Grill

This tweeter features a 99% pure Beryllium dome diaphragm. The large roll surround and Beryllium dome diaphragm provide a flat frequency response to above 40KHz with outstanding off-axis dispersion and a silky-smooth sound.

ScanSpeak’s unique AirCirc Magnet System -- named for the way it optimizes air flow within the chamber –- rearranges the traditional magnet structure from a single magnet to an open magnetic circuit comprised of six separate neodymium slugs. This, in combination with the chamber, results in the elimination of the reflections and resonances that compromise the performance of traditional motors. 

The D3004-664000 gives engineers improved control over critical midrange performance, for superb vocal rendition and excellent imaging at all listening locations.

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by gadid100
gadid100 bought "Scanspeak Illuminator D3004/6640-00 1" Tweeter Beryllium Dome" on our website
03/04/2019 - 04:25:44 AM
i heard a lot of tweeters in my life ,some were bright some were just boring...scan speak is by far the best drivers manufacturer on the market today, with the Beryllium 6640 it was the 1st time i could hear details that weren't there..its not your usual metal dome that might lead to listening fatigue,instead its very musical. the RTA plot response isn't so attractive, but i already learned that flat response doesn't necessarily mean perfect sound, this tweeters are outstanding in every way,although expensive, worth every penny.
Reviewed by hbrew47
hbrew47 bought "Scanspeak Illuminator D3004/6640-00 1" Tweeter Beryllium Dome" on our website
02/09/2014 - 06:03:23 PM
Just music
Each speaker has two 26W/8861T woofers, two 12MU/8731T mid and one D3004/664000 Berillium tweeter. These integrate seamlessly. Madisound designed and built my crossover for these speakers. Fantastic set of drivers. Clear, dynamic and open. After 60 hours the speaker broke in with a sudden improvement in everything that I wasn't expecting.

I don't hear a tweeter just music. No harshness. What more can I ask for?

I haven't compared to ribbon types. I have a horn tweeter in another speaker and I am happy with both.
Reviewed by benarritt
benarritt bought "Scanspeak Illuminator D3004/6640-00 1" Tweeter Beryllium Dome" on our website
01/16/2012 - 11:09:42 PM
Best dome tweeter ever
Crossed this over lower than the Scanspeak R2904 (currently at 2500 Hz but still playing with it). Seems to able to play lower than the R2904 without any sign of strain. Like the R2904 this contributes so much information to the midrange you simply don't hear in other tweeters...but the new D3004 gives you even more information than the R2904, opens the midrange up even more, goes lower with less strain AND improves on the highs (10,000 Hz +, cymbals etc.) The cymbals are now very holographic and it is the only tweeter I have heard I consider superior to the R2904. Holographic imagery almost comparable to a ribbon with the dynamics of a dome and a low cross over point. Amazing!