MoreTrix Morel 2-Way Speaker Kit, Pair

Price: $939.00


Manufacturer: Morel
Product ID : MoreTrix-Pair
Weight: 17.00 lbs
Manufacturer: Morel
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MoreTrix Morel 2-way Speaker Kit Pair

Madisound is pleased to offer this versatile new kit - a collaboration between Morel of Israel and highly regarded DIY speaker designer Curt Campbell. Price shown includes a 10% discount on all drivers and accessories.

Each MoreTrix Kit Includes:

(2) Morel Elite Series ET338 1" Textile Dome Tweeters
(2) Morel Titanium Series TiCW 638Nd 6" Woofers
(2) Professionally Assembled Crossovers

The MoreTrix Can Be Built As:

• Sealed Aperiodic Bookshelf (9" W x 14.5" T x 11" D)
• Vented Bookshelf (9" W x 21" T x 11" D)
• MLTL - Mass Loaded Transmission Line (9" W x 42" T x 10" D)

Full Documentation of the MoreTrix 

Missing from pdf file plans:
Tweeter center from top 4.8"
Woofer center from top 10.75"

A Word From the Designer

MoreTrix is an uncompromising 2-way design offered in 3 enclosure sizes and types using some of Morel’s most capable drivers. Knowing that not everyone is endowed with advanced mechanical skills, I kept the enclosures simple to construct, while not compromising their sonic qualities in any way. While I realize it is quite difficult to express the sonic attributes of any design solely with the written word, I will say that I am quite enamored with the resulting designs. In return for the builder’s time and efforts in cabinet construction, most well-turned-out kits or DIY designs will offer capabilities rivaling or in some cases exceeding commercial designs costing several times more.

Knowing from my past designs that builders desire to individualize their speakers to best suit their unique applications I’ve taken the same basic design and built/voiced 3 different enclosure choices. None of the design enclosure options affect the quality of the speaker. The differences being size, optimal placement distance from the front wall, and the low end extension of the speaker.

Assembled Crossovers

Madisound professionally assembled MoreTrix crossovers are mounted on 9.5" x 4" inlaid copper circuit boards. All parts are terminated with silver solder. The woofer section includes Sledgehammer SL 15 awg  & Sidewinder 16 awg coils, as well as ClarityCap PX & SolenFast Cap polypropylene capacitors. The tweeter section includes ClarityCap CSA capacitors. Mundorf M-Resist MOX resistors are used throughout each crossover. All parts hold to the exact values of the design.

Multiple upgrade options are available from the drop down menu above. Please note that cap and/or coil upgraded crossovers are assembled on two circuit boards per channel. Tube amp users should consider the optional impedance normalization network. Make certain to select Vented/MLTL or Sealed AP on the drop down menu as there is a resistor value change between those versions.

Hookup sheets are provided.

Photo of assembled Moretrix crossover

Optional Accessories Packages

Sealed Aperiodic Bookshelf Version

  • (2) 1.5" x 2" port w/ foam plug
  • (4 oz.) polyfill stuffing
  • (6 ft) Supra Classic 2.5 13 awg internal speaker wire
  • (20) Quick Connects for woofers & tweeters (QC250), and standard crossovers (QC187) 
  • (24) Socket Head screws - 12 pc OXSOCKET8X1 for woofers, 12 pc OXSOCKET6X3_4 for tweeters
  • (8 ft) Foamtape - seal drivers to baffle

Vented Bookshelf Version

MLTL (Mass Loaded Transmission Line) Version

• Binding Posts/Input Cups not included, select from drop down menu if desired

Frequency Response Curves

Sealed Aperiodic Bookshelf

Sealed System frequency response curve

Vented Bookshelf

Vented bookshelf system response curve

MLTL Tower

Vented tower system response curve

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Reviewed by Dewshan
Dewshan bought "MoreTrix Morel 2-Way Speaker Kit, Pair" on our website
05/05/2014 - 08:34:07 PM
Morel more trix build
I completed this kit a few weeks ago and am very pleased with these speakers. I agree completely with the kit designer- these speakers like to have good source recordings. Maybe because they sound so good with a good recording you really notice when you have a bad one? I made the small bookshelf version for my home theater but also use it for music. I stuck to the plans on the boxes but got a little fancy on the stands. You can see some of the build pictures here. I am quite impressed with these tweeters and crossovers. Nice and smooth. I think these speakers are really impressive with vocals. I plan to make the larger versions to go with these in the future.