SB Acoustics Micro 2-Way Speaker Kit - Pair

SB Acoustics Micro 2-Way Speaker Kit - Pair
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Manufacturer: SB Acoustics
Product ID : Micro
Weight: 25.00 lbs
Manufacturer: SB Acoustics
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SB Acoustics Micro 2-Way Speaker Kit - PAIR

The Micro is a compact 2-way ideal for bookshelf, desktop, and smaller system use. Treat yourself to far better sound quality than comparable pre-assembled consumer speakers can offer. We easily filled the listening room at the Axpona show in Chicago with these. This little speaker kit packs a punch and sounds great doing it!

The kit comes with everything required to make a stereo pair of speakers. The cabinets are completely assembled and have a stylish white satin finish. The driver holes are precision cut for flush mounting of the tweeters and woofers. A slotted port is built into the front baffle. The rear of the cabinet is pre-drilled for the included binding posts. Internal damping material and driver mounting hardware is included. The crossovers are even pre-wired and terminated with slide on quick connects for the drivers. No soldering is required, and kit assembly can be completed with a screwdriver or drill. 

Each Micro Kit Purchase Includes:


  • High performance compact design
  • Optimized drivers
  • Simple high quality crossover network
  • Front firing integrated slot port
  • Versatile placement
  • Solid single-wiring binding posts

Factory Assembled Crossover with Jantzen Caps and Air Core Inductors

SB Acoustics SB12PAC25-4 4" Aluminum Cone Woofer

SB Acoustics SB19ST-C000-4 3/4" Dome Tweeter

Kit Parts

Two cabinets are included with each kit purchase, only one shown here.

High Quality Gold Plated 5-Way Binding Posts 

Two pair are included with complete kit purchase.

Crossover Schematic

18db/octave on tweeter, 12/db on woofer.

Cabinet Drawing

15mm MDF with slotted port adding rigidity.

SB Acoustics Product Page for Micro Kit

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by Echochamber
09/14/2019 - 06:38:02 PM
Surpassed my expectations by far
I’m loving theses compact speakers, they surpassed all my expectations by a large margin.

It was fairly easy to build these speakers for a veteran DIYer such as myself. But I can see some less experienced fellow enthusiasts having a few hick ups. The instructions don’t quite match the kit, so I’d suggest the following:
1- unsolder the input wires from the crossover PCB and solder to the binding posts before installing them. Remove all the plastic pieces from the binding posts before soldering. Install them with their leads and solder back the wires to the PCB.
2- The filling came precut and glued to the cabinets. You must remove the 2 pieces behind the mid/woofer opening to install the crossover against the panel behind it. I glued the PCB with hot glue. It’s a very compact speaker, there’s almost no room to work inside using conventional tools. Screwing the PCB was impossible.
3- You will need screws for the drivers, they don’t come with the kit. I used some stainless steel self screwing I had from previous projects. It worked perfectly.

It is glorious!! I was floored by the rich, open and detailed sound. I had originally bought a pair of Q Acoustics 3020i for my attic home office following the mainstream hype. At first they sounded open and I thought they were ok, but became fatiguing after a while (I mean my ears actually hurt) and had a grainy upper midrange. I guess that’s what cheap components add to the sound. In any case, not audiophile grade. So I started looking for compact passive bookshelf speakers again. There’s not that many options. But the Micro kit is just wonderful. It fills my less than optimal office room with a ton of detail, good pace, and analog like presentation.

The rest of the system consist of Tidal on Volumio on a Pi feeding a Schiit Bifrost MB DAC into a Saga pre into an ICE Power 50ASX2SE stereo module amp (I’m comparing with a Vidar at the moment).