Seas Idunn 2-Way Speaker Kit - Pair - Parts Only

Seas Idunn 2-Way Speaker Kit - Pair - Parts Only
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Price: $489.00


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Manufacturer: Seas Prestige
Product ID : idunnkit-parts
Weight: 18.00 lbs
Manufacturer: Seas Prestige
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Seas Prestige Idunn Speaker Kit – Pair – Parts Only
Price shown is for a PAIR

The Idunn is a high end 2-Way speaker kit from the Seas Prestige line of drivers. This kit was designed by the Seas R&D team in Norway and utilizes two uniquely advanced drivers in a bass reflex enclosure. Full documentation on the Idunn can be found at the Seas website


The tweeter is the 27TBCD/GB-DXT (H1499) which utilizes a 1” High Definition aluminum/magnesium alloy dome with DXT lens. This special tweeter solves many issues inherent with loudspeaker design offering improved directivity control, off-axis response, baffle diffractions, and integration with midbass drivers. The woofer is the U18RNX/P (H1571) featuring the new Curv cone. This woven polypropylene with excellent internal damping combined with perfectly matched moving parts gives a smooth, extended frequency response.

Crossover Design

The crossover is symmetrical with a 2.2kHz crossover frequency. The crossover point was chosen so that the directivity of the drivers make the overall power response extremely smooth, as can be seen in the measurements below. Complexity of the crossover was held as low as possible without sacrificing any audible performance. This is possible to achieve because of the response characteristics of these drivers. On the woofer there is a simple 2nd order network, and on the tweeter there is an equally simple 3rd order network with an L-pad to trim the tweeter sensitivity. Together they align the phase of the drivers in excellent fashion and provide a seamless interdriver transition. The rolloff of the drivers is steep enough to allow them to work effortlessly, even at high power levels. The result is detailed sound quality at all levels while maintaining as dynamic a loudspeaker as possible.

Professionally Assembled Crossovers

Each Idunn kit includes two professionally assembled crossovers on 103B printed circuit boards. All parts values are of high quality and an excellent match to the drivers used in this kit. While we always recommend soldering your connections, it is possible to attach all wires to the crossover and drivers using Quick Connects.

The tweeter features ClarityCap CSA capacitors in the series circuit (please note the picture depics the older style SA capacitors).  The attenuation circuit uses Mundorf MOX resistors and the parallel coil is a Madisound Air Core.

The woofer circuit features a Sidewinder 16 AWG coil in series and a Bennic polypropylene capacitor in parallel.

Crossover upgrades are available for both the tweeter and woofer section. The caps in the tweeter circuit can be upgraded to Mundorf EVO Oil, or Mundorf M-Cap Supreme. The coil in the woofer circuit can be upgraded to a Goertz Copper Foil 14AWG. These upgrade options are available from the drop down menu above and do include a discount. If there is a specific combination of parts that you would prefer instead, please call or email us.

Enclosure and Stuffing

The Idunn loudspeaker is based on a 0.70 cubic foot (20 liter) vented cabinet measuring 9" wide x 21" tall x 11" deep. Consder using a circle jig for your router such as the Jasper 400 to cut your front baffles. This product enables very precise cuts and flush mounting of your drivers and ports. It is important to keep the driver spacing, baffle width and internal volume of the enclosure to spec when building your own enclosure. Adding braces to stiffen the cabinet is a good tip for the advanced builder to take this loudspeaker just a little bit further.

The amount of stuffing and port tuning is based on measurements and extensive listening. The cabinet is filled with 0.55 lb Acousta-Stuf. The stuffing is distributed evenly in the box, but kept away from the port opening to allow free movement of air. This also ensures that potential air flow noise is as low as possible. The port is 2” internal diameter with an overall length of 6.75” including both inside and outside flares. The 2FLARE Precision Port is perfect for this application. This gives a port tuning of 38Hz, providing a smooth low frequency roll-off.

Want Custom Cabinets?

Many of our cabinets can be custom built be Lee Taylor & Co. of Philmont NY. Please visit Lee's website and discuss veneer options and pricing. Lee can also put your speakers togeter for an additional fee.  A picture of Lee's cabinet is shown above.

Each Idunn Kit Includes:

You may also choose to purchase the optional accessories package. The accessories package is offered at a discounted price, and will provide you with all the miscellaneous speaker building parts that you need to complete your kit. It is highly recommended that you purchase this accessories package if you do not already have your own stock of parts.

Optional Accessories Package Includes:

Kit pricing shown includes a discount on all drivers and accessories package. Crossovers are available for seperate purchase from the drop down menu.

Single or odd numbers of this kit are available for 1/2 the price of the pair. Call or write us a note in the "comments" section of your order to request this.

Comment from Seas on the Idunn Speaker Kit

"The Idunn is one of my favorite loudspeakers, and they have been anchored in my living room for a long time now. It has a very neutral and detailed sound, but is still lively enough to get your foot tapping and listen to music for hours. Although, what really separates the Idunn from other speakers, is the controlled wide dispersion. This makes it sound good even outside the sweet spot, when I’m lying in the sofa reading a book, or jumping around the living room." Håvard Sollien, SEAS R&D Manager


The measurements are taken in free field at 1metre on tweeter axis.

As seen in the figure the average sensitivity is 85dB and the response lies within ± 1.5dB. The black curve shows the response with the tweeter connected with opposite polarity. The deep and symmetrical notch, when the tweeter is connected with inverse polarity, shows that the drivers are in-phase across the whole crossover region.

The off-axis response of the Idunn is shown above. Here we really see the beauty of the DXT tweeter. The power response is perfectly smooth throughout the entire frequency range even at 60 off-axis. This gives a huge sweet spot, while still allowing for pin-point imaging. It also keeps the tonal balance of the loudspeaker all over the listening room.

The figure below shows the 2nd and 3rd order harmonic distortion with an output of 96dB at 1m. The overall distortion is very low and makes the reproduced music very clean and without coloration.

Professionally Assembled Crossover (Please note that current crossover comes standard with the newest generation higher end ClarityCap CSA line, not the older SA line pictured)

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Reviewed by hockeymunch
hockeymunch bought "Seas Idunn 2-Way Speaker Kit - Pair - Parts Only" on our website
11/04/2015 - 02:21:03 PM
WOW... that's what my friend said too...
I have built many speakers of various sizes, shapes, 2 way, 3 way ect... So how did I get here to the Idunn? Trying and testing new things but this time, I was asked by a friend of mine in Colorado to build him some speakers. Why? well, his home burned in the Black Forest fire in June of 2013, along with another 500 homes so he is starting over. Built a new home and asked me to build him a pair of speakers. Well, I looked at his space he had, not a bunch of space but a monitor on a stand was all he could do. I looked and looked and Madisound is a company I trust to provide a great service for me with great products. He had a budget (Low) and I spent it all on these Idunns. Built the cabinet to spec, (I have built many cabinets and this one was easy), finished them in walnut and a few other hi-lites I do normally to set cabinets apart from the others. Hooked them up to my system and played "Happy Anniversary Charlie Brown", a digital master that I just love listening too fr the first time with all my speakers, with very talented artists, look it up, Snoopy is on the cover...

I know what to expect from that "Happy Anniversary Charlie Brown" CD and when to expext the little things.... Well a few days into digging through all my favorite well recorded discs, I was looking for something that would sound,,, well,,, not so great maybe? That didn't happen as I was never disappointed.... with other speakers I have tested out, yup I have said "oooh not so good" and changed a disc to something else. Back to "Happy Anniversary Charlie Brown" and after a few days of breaking in and "WOW", I am very very very happy with the Idunns...

I called up my friend Scott and said you have got come over hand hear these! So he did. Scott isn't a HiFi nut like me. He wants to be but his wife will not let him (sound familiar?)... and I am not a HiFi nut like others in the industry, but I know what I like and like food, taste is subjective in music. What you like may not be what I like but the sound quality for everything I played on these Idunn speakers is all of WOW! So, back to Scott, what did he say? WOW! threw his arms in the air and said they are the best speakers he has ever heard. I looked at him funny but in his opinion, these are the best he has heard. In my opinion they are friggen amazing. He currently has my old vintage pair of Infinity RSIIIb (mid 80s and re-foamed) He likes the Idunn speakers way better, personally so do I. Different time, different place, technology advances....

So now what? I love these Idunn speakers, they are an amazing deal. I can say that I have listened to $2000 speakers in local shops recently, these are better in my opinion, just better. I would love to carry a pair in and say lets compare, I'm that confident in these... I have yet to hear a fancy logo make difference in sound. Like chrome valve covers on a small block Chevy, may look good, but that's it.

So this pair goes off to Colorado! I am going to order another pair and pop for the better crossover components this time and see what the difference is for me personally. I'm looking forward to that.

Sorry for the long story but it's worth telling... have no doubt that these will please. Of course the power supply and components will make a difference, that always helps. BUT, buy these they are well worth it! Very detailed and clear, not harsh at all, just amazing.....

But now I see this "Seas Bragi Kit with dual Curv cone woofers and DXT tweeter?" WTF... I'm gonna have to try those as well now!!!

Buy the Idunn, well worth it.... WELL WORTH IT!!!

Thanks for reading