Seas CX871 Coaxial 3-Way Speaker Kit by Peter Noerbaek - Pair

Seas CX871 Coaxial 3-Way Speaker Kit by Peter Noerbaek - Pair
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Price: $1,629.00


Manufacturer: Seas Prestige
Product ID : CX871
Weight: 51.00 lbs
Manufacturer: Seas Prestige
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Seas CX871 Coaxial 3-Way Speaker Kit by Peter Noerbaek - Pair

Price shown is for a PAIR

This latest in the highly prized line of speaker kits from PBN Audio is poised to earn major attention within the home electronics community – and rightly so. Featuring two superlative drivers from SEAS, an international leader in high-end sound systems, these elegantly simple yet aesthetically refined speakers define the most basic premise of stereophonic excellence: It’s all about what you hear. PBN Audio has devoted decades of engineering prowess to designing systems that completely serve the music. The CX871 delivers on that promise.

The SEAS Drivers 

Midrange and high frequencies are married in the MR18REX/XF (H1699) 7” Midrange Coaxial Loudspeaker (top), with a pre-coated reed-paper cone. The cone acts as a horn loading for the tweeter in this efficiently compact driver, providing superbly balanced sound. The coax ensures a level of stereo imaging that simply cannot be obtained in other ways. 

Bass duty is anchored by the L22RN4X/P (H1208) 8” Aluminum Cone Woofer. It features a 4-layer, high-temperature voice coil. It is a driver with an extremely “stiff” cone offering great bass precision, plenty of power handling, and impressive low-frequency extension. Two units per speaker works well to mate with the coax midrange.

Design Prowess 

PBN has dedicated years of engineering to support the technology of this kit, which uses advanced electronics to achieve the best possible results. Peter is known for his advanced crossovers, which ensure that the drivers blend perfectly together. There is no compromise on the crossover design or components. With this approach, you can expect an outstanding sound stage (width, depth and height), cohesive blend, and pinpoint imaging. The system works well for both home hi-fi and precision studio monitor applications. We are confident the quality is so good, this could be your final system.

Seas CX871 PDF Brochure

Each CX871 Kit Includes:

Optional Accessories Package Includes:

  • (2) TD-CUP - Dual binding post input cup
  • (20ft) Supra Classic 2.5 - 13 awg tinned oxygen free copper internal speaker wire (mid, woofers, x-overs)
  • (10ft) Supra Classic 1.6 - 15 awg tinned oxygen free copper internal speaker wire (tweeter)
  • (1lb) Acousta-Stuf - fluff & fill mid chamber & behind woofer
  • (3pcs) Foam Sheet - cut & line internal walls
  • (1) GOOP - adhesive for foam sheet
  • (2) QC110R Quick Connects - for + tweeter tabs
  • (2) QC110R - for - tweeter tabs
  • (10) QC205R - for + woofer, mid, & input cup tabs
  • (10) QC250B - for - woofer, mid, & input cup tabs
  • (36) OXSOCKET8X1 - mount drivers to baffle
  • (8) OX6OVAL3/4 - mount input cup to cabinet
  • (24) OX6PAN3/4 - mount crossover inside cabinet
  • (1pc) Kester silver solder - solder wires to crossovers (mandatory), drivers & input cup (optional)
Kit pricing shown includes a discount on all drivers and accessories package.

  • 3-Way Coax + Dual Woofer Floor Standing Tower
  • Cabinet Dimensions: 44" tall x 11" wide x 16" deep
  • Sensitivity: 90 db/2.83V/1M
  • Impedance: 4 ohm
  • Frequency Response: 33 Hz (-3db) to 25 kHz
  • Crossover Frequencies: 300 Hz / 2.1 kHz
  • Crossover Slopes: 24db/oct Linkwitz Riley
Assembled Crossover Information

Madisound hand assembles each crossover to order. We use premium parts throughout to compliment these high end drivers. All parts are terminated with 3% silver solder to our silver tinned copper circuit boards.

The series tweeter and midrange circuit use ClarityCap CSA line. Mundorf EVO-Oil caps are available as an altenative for the tweeter caps. They are too large to fit on the midrange board. 

The series woofer circuit utilizes Solen Perfect Lay 14 awg inductors. 

Please note the crossover boards are large: (2) 11" x 5.6", (1) 9.55" x 4" per speaker. Take this in consideration when constructing your cabinets, make sure to allocate space for them inside.

Crossovers are available for seperate purchase from the drop down menu.

Professionally Assembled CX871 Crossovers


Crossover Schematic

Finished Speaker

Seas MR18REX/XF (H1699) 6.5" Midrange Coaxial

Seas L22RN4X/P (H1208) 8" Aluminum Cone Woofer (2 per speaker, 4 total per kit)

Cabinet Drawing

Download Cabinet Drawing (PDF)

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