LXstudio Linkwitz Lab Speaker Kit, PAIR

LXstudio Linkwitz Lab Speaker Kit, PAIR
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Price: $1,864.00


Manufacturer: Seas Prestige
Product ID : LXstudio
Weight: 120.00 lbs
Manufacturer: Seas Prestige
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LXstudio Linkwitz Lab Speaker Kit, PAIR

No woodwork required to assemble this kit if purchasing with wood parts options!

The LXstudio is the most recent offering by world renowned loudspeaker designer Siegfried Linkwitz. Please visit the Linkwitz Lab website for more detailed information.

It is a 3-way, 4-driver per channel, loudspeaker that combines the LXmini with the dipole subwoofers of the LX521. The powerhouse miniDSP 4x10 Hd provides the signal processing, and can also be used as a pre-amp. 8 channels of amplification are used in a typical setup - 1 channel for each driver. 6 channels are also possible, provided 2 of them are 2 ohm stable to drive the subwoofers in parallel.

A key benefit to the LXstudio is peak performance capabilities in nearly any room setup. Additionally, they are a true full range speaker, effortlessley covering the 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency range with excellent clarity and dynamism.

"LXstudio is a speaker that is on par with the LX521.4 in terms of clarity, imaging, dynamics and disappearance, albeit at somewhat lower maximum sound levels. It is more flexible in room placement, providing precise and enjoyable rendering of stereo recordings." - SL

Madisound is proud to offer enthusiasts the drivers from Seas of Norway, DSP module from miniDSP, and Acousta-Stuff damping material at a discounted price. Price shown is discounted and higher than putting together all the parts separately.

We also offer all of the wood parts to assemble both the LXmini and subwoofer sections.

Please note: Purchase of the LXstudio construction plans is required and available here.

Existing LXmini owners:
Upgade to the LXstudio from the drop down menu options above. Subwoofers & miniDSP 4x10Hd receive 10% kit discount.

Each LXstudio Kit Includes:

2x Seas L16RN-SL (H1480) 6" Aluminum Cone Woofers
2x Seas FU10RB (H1600-04) 4" Curv Cone Full Range Drivers
4x Seas L26RO4Y (D1004-04) 10" Aluminum Cone Subwoofers
1x miniDSP 4x10 HD Digital Signal Processor
1x Acousta-Stuff # Internal Damping Material

Optional V-Frame Woofer Enclosures:

- CNC cut from high quality 13 layer .72" Baltic Birch
- Tongue and groove joints for easy and accurate assembly
- Strategically placed screw hole recesses for maximum rigidity
- Sand, glue, square, clamp, screw, & let set
- Finish to taste

Optional Wood Pieces & Related Items Includes:

- Complete set of all wood parts (Material List - C, C1-C6) for a pair of speakers
- CNC cut from MDF (sand and paint to taste)
- Includes 10 pcs YRF rubber feet & 10 pcs OX10PAN1 screws to mount the feet
- Base has pilot holes drilled for the feet
- Includes 2 pcs of 4” Cap Hub Flat (B2 on material list) that have been pre-drilled for binding posts & mounting onto the base 
- Includes 4 pcs G-POST Red, 4 pcs G-POST Black, & 8 pcs of OX6PAN3/4 screws to complete this part of the assembly
Note: the binding posts replace Material List - E,  E3 4-conductor terminal block
- Note: attach wire to binding posts before mounting B1 into B2 
- See picture of all included parts

Also Consider:

- QC110 Quick Connects, 2 Red + 2 Black (for full range drivers)
- QC205 Quick Connects, 2 Red + 2 Black (for woofers)
QC205 Quick Connects, 4 Red + 4 Black (for binding posts)
- QC8MM Quick Connects, 8 total for subwoofers

- Supra Classic 1.6 15 awg speaker wire, 20 feet (internal wire from LXmini drivers to terminal block or binding posts)
- Supra wire of choice, purchase length you require (from terminal block/binding posts to amplifier, for subwoofers to amplifier)
- EG-PLUGB dual banana plugs, 8 pcs (connect speaker wire from LXmini and subwoofer section to amplifier)

Customers of this kit will still need to acquire the PVC piping, rubber coupler, and other misc. parts from the hardware store. See full list on the plans you purchase from Linkwitz Lab.

Seas FU10RB (H1600-04) 4" Curv Cone Full Range Driver

Seas L16RN-SL (H1480) 6" Aluminum Cone Woofer

Seas L26RO4Y (D1004-04) 10" Aluminum Cone Woofer

miniDSP 4x10 Hd Digital Signal Processor

Optional V-Frame Woofer Enclosures

Optional Wood Pieces & Related Items

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