Open Baffle Subwoofer Flat Pack (LXsub for LXmini+2)

Open Baffle Subwoofer Flat Pack (LXsub for LXmini+2)
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Price: $69.00


Manufacturer: Madisound
Product ID : OpenBaffleFlatPack
Weight: 12.00 lbs
Manufacturer: Madisound
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Open Baffle Subwoofer Flat Pack for 10" Subwoofer (LXsub/LXmini+2) - EACH

Used as the +2 subwoofer option for the LXmini speaker kit, and cut for the Seas L26RO4Y. These could be used with other 10" woofers that are also suitable for open baffle applications.

External measurements: 13" x 13" x 10"
Through hole cutout: 9-3/8"
18 layer 0.70" CNC cut Baltic Birch 
Tongue and Groove Joints
Easy assembly - glue, square, clamp, let dry
Includes 8pcs OX6PAN3/4 screws which fit pre-drilled pilot holes on the rear side of the woofer baffle for added rigidity. Install these after the glue had dried.

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Please note: One miniDSP module can control multiple subwoofers. 

LXmini+2 Note: Purchase of the construction plans is required and available here. If adding the subs to your existing LXmini build, purchase the LXsub plans. If building the LXmini+2, purchase the LXmini AND LXsub plans.

Images of Flat Pack 
*The picture makes it look like there is a rear wall on the enclosure. There is no rear wall - it is open out the backside*

LXmini + 2 Speaker

L26RO4Y 10" Aluminium Cone Subwoofer

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